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What is dancing on pointe supposed to look like?


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I apologize is this is just such a ridiculously newbie post, but feel less awkward posting online than asking in person.


When we watch video of ballet productions, a lot of times it looks as if the dancer is actually going out past the top of the box and tipping forward over her toes. Much of what I see in person or even on YouTube videos is not like this at all, and I'm not even sure that it's the goal. Is this a difference in style, difference in feet, difference in dancer, difference in ability?


Also, sometimes when a dancer walks on flat with her pointe shoes during a dance you can see this sort of clunkiness where the arch in the foot is bending up and away from the ball of the foot (still flat on the floor). I never noticed it before and it seemed less atractive to me. The times I've noticed it have been in situations where the dancer was not a professional, but I haven't had enough of a chance to look at professional dancers and see if they do this as well.


Dd is not on pointe so we aren't sure what is/isn't correct and are wondering what we're looking at.



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Cuckoomamma, I think it would be best for you to watch only videos of the major professional companies in order to learn what it should look like. I suggest ABT, The Royal Ballet, and the Kirov Ballet. You will see that there are some dancers with what is sometimes called "banana feet", which is a super arched, very high instep foot. This kind of foot does sometimes appear like it is further over the box, but that is because the instep is high.


As far as walking, it should never, ever look clunky! :o You will notice that the pros don't even walk on "flat" in pointe shoes. They are always lifted up and walking with the toes leading and the heels not touching the floor. They run this too. It's not a full demi-pointe, but close. Don't watch youtube amateurs, as you will not learn what is correct that way. While some may be quite lovely, there are many, many, many videos there of students who are not so lovely. :wink:

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