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Strengthening Feet


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I was in pointe class the other day, and my teacher corrected me on standing en pointe, especially in pique arabesques, because my foot was not completely as on top of my shoe as it could be. He then told me to sit down with my legs straight and gently pressed my feet towards the floor, telling me to try to flex my feet. I could not do so AT ALL! I was shocked . . . I knew that my feet were not as strong as some of the other students', but I didn't realize just how weak they were, since my teacher was barely pressing them down! He told me to work with a theraband every day at home, but I was wondering if there are any exercises I can do in addition to therabands to strengthen my feet? I REALLY want to improve them . . . My feet are flexible, but they are not strong at all . . . I tried picking up things like a string or a pencil with my feet for a while, but I didn't really feel like it was doing anything.


****************P.S. Sorry if there is already a forum on this, please remove this if there is, but I couldn't find it :ermm:

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Esmeralda, there are a ton of threads on the feet on this forum and several others! However, the answer is basically always the same. You strengthen by doing, and for ballet that means slow and very careful tendus, really WORKING the foot, pas de cheval, dégagés, frappés, definitely the theraband work, and relevés and elevés. Hold balances, don't let the ankles wobble! All of these things in pointe shoes. But they need to be done in the studio, not at home, unless you have a special dance floor at home.

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