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Movies: Joffrey- Mavericks of American Dance

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Me too because one of the teachers who made the biggest impact on my life as a dancer/teacher was one of the early Joffrey dancers. But, I doubt it will be coming to my major metropolitan area because that just wouldn't attract a big enough audience:(

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It's playing fairly widely, tangerine- you might be surprised. However, there is only one showing- tomorrow at 1:30pm, right when all of us are teaching.


It does look like some theatres will screen it at a later date too.

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Yep- right in the middle of my teaching today:(


But, happily(I hope), it is showing in my area in April. I cannot think past next week, but I will keep it in mind. There is a Facebook dance group I belong to that keeps a lot of us up to date on such happenings around town.

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Yippee! Saw the film, and my teacher was one of the main figures who was used for historical information. Francoise Martinet had quite a lot of face time in the documentary. I was very pleased with the film- lots of things I didn't know about even though Francoise always shared stories of her dancing career. It was also fun to see old photos and video clips because I will never forget her regal profile so she was easy to pick out.

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Our pre-pro studio did a screening of it a month or so ago but I was unable to attend. I so hope it comes to NetFlix this summer so that I can see it with my DD.

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It is available for purchase through amazon.com:



For me, it will be worth purchasing just to have the opportunity to watch at my leisure and remember my teacher fondly. Not many of us get to have our teachers on video for posterity!

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A heads-up -- this film is playing in Toronto at the Bloor Hot Docs cinema all week.



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Thanks for the link, tangerinetwist. My DD is studying at the Joffrey Ballet School right now, so this might be worth purchasing as a Christmas gift. She mentioned that she feels very comfortable there because they discussed Robert Joffrey's philosophy that less-than-perfect ballet bodies can still be taught and can perform classical ballet. She struggles with turnout and flexibility, so feels the school is working well for her.

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I saw this on the plane last week - I was lucky to find it as it was in a category of choices that I don't normally search on the plane. At any rate, it was a wonderful film and I enjoyed it a great deal. I learned a lot too - had not realized how much the company had toured in those earlier years. I had also been unaware of some of the other special moments in the company's history - such as the creation of "Astarte" and its reception - including the cover of Time Magazine:




Would highly recomend this film and I would gladly see it again.



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