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How important are audition photos?


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Ds has decided that he'd like to audition for The Rock School tomorrow. It's not his first choice, but certainly one we'd consider. It's the only one we're considering this year that requires photos be submitted at the audition. I had not given photos a single thought. Ugh.


How important are they really? If we show up without them, what will happen? Should we just skip the audition? Should I go to the trouble of getting up extra early, taking photos with my phone (camera is actually reasonably good), and try to get them printed at a drug store on our way in?


Is there a link somewhere that would give me pointers on *how* to take audition photos? I'm familiar with headshots, but I've never had to do ballet photos (they ask for first arabesque and second échappé) before...

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Abby, you could go to the audition without them and tell them you will send them ASAP, but if you can get a shot done before the audition that would be best. They use the photos to remember the students when they are making their decisions.


If you go to the Summer Intensive General Topics forum and either put photos in the search box, or just scroll (topics are listed alphabetically) to Audition Photos, there are a number of threads about this subject. :)

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Moderators, I know this is a special forum but wanted to post since there may be some urgency for Abbey. Please delete or repost if needed


The Rock provides a decision on site so the photos may not may quite as important. And based on the audition last year there were only a few boys (I believe you are going to the same site I went to last year based on the published schedule). So the auditioners should be able to remember your DS for the purposes of the day. Good luck!

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Thanks for the quick replies. We couldn't manage the ballet poses in our small house this morning (and getting decent photos), so I just took the headshot and we went to the audition anyway. They did give him a place (I'm not sure if they turn anyone away?), but asked that I mail in additional photos this week. So I'll be looking for other threads with suggestions on how to do that... :)



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