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holding turnout


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Does anybody else find it so much more difficult to hold turnout in positions on one leg. For example I find it impossible to maintain the degree of turnout on my supporting leg without twisting my hip when I transfer from demipointe in 2 nd position to passe retire where I can comfortably hold a near 180 degree turnout of hips .

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Ruthy, try a smaller 2nd position, and be sure you are transferring all of the weight to the supporting leg, It takes time, patience, and practice, but you can do it. :)

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Yep! Work on your body being in correct alignment using the abdominal band and lifting up and out of your hips at all times when in a waking state too! Ballet is all about transferring weight quickly, and we can't do that if we aren't holding our bones correctly!

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I'm having the same problem-- though I have trouble holding the turnout especially when doing grand battements to the side and it's been bugging my hip. My teacher says the same as Clara-- lifting up and out of the hips all the time! If you get any more advice about this I'm sure we'd love to hear it.

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<p>Yeah I am not sure what I am doing wrong either. I just thought it was something that would get better with time but it has not. :( It also happents when I try to releve to retire passe for example, from 5th position. However, if I were on the barre and slowly draw up the woring leg to passe on demipointe before releasing the barre to find my balance, it is not so much a problem (as in the hip alignment is then level, and I can feel the stablilty, and strength in the balance working the right muscles). Very frustrating! :wallbash:

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So it's the weight transfer that is causing you difficulty. You are not yet holding your rotation completely. Since it hasn't improved in 2 years, I'd say you need some simple exercises to find those muscles so that you can learn to engage them at all times.


I have a post somewhere that describes some of these exercises, and do not have the time to find it. Maybe someone else here remembers where it is?


If not, see if you can ask for a moment with your teacher to have them help you.

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I have a post somewhere that describes some of these exercises, and do not have the time to find it. Maybe someone else here remembers where it is?


Your wish is my command! I think this is the post, Clara.



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Thank you, Redbookish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ruthy8686, one key for locating and working the turnout muscles for me was "the clam" exercise. One of my ballet teachers had us learn this in the beginning portion of one term and strongly suggested that we do it as "homework" once we had gotten the proper form. Once you get the alignment and motion down, pausing at the top (open clam) is helpful for learning how to strongly engage the deep outward rotators and hold the turnout. Resistance can be added as you gain strength by tying a Theraband around the thighs.




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