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Is there minimum level of proficiency for age 14?


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We are in the process of finding a new school for my DD. She's taking a sufficient amount of technique and pointe by going to two studios, but after doing a lot of research here on BT4D, we're realizing that the quality isn't possibly at the level it should be for her to reach her professional goals. She has a friend who is also supplementing at another studio and is being told she isn't being pushed enough at the home studio.How can we evaluate this ourselves? Are there certain things she should be able to do by this age, that if she hasn't learned, will put her behind?

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There is a standard, socalgal, but not something that is codified. A certain level of technique, which includes knowledge and execution, would be expected, but, a good school will take a 14 year old who might be behind and put her in the classes she needs to catch up, if they feel that she has the ability to do so. Sometimes that will involve taking some lower level classes along with a slightly higher placement. It just really all depends on the student and the quality of the previous training.

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