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I don't know if this belongs here, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere else...


I have an oppertunity to choreograph a piece for five dancers, including me. I want to use a (slightly edited to make it a bit shorter) version of Mozart's Seranade in B Major #10.


This piece has several different "parts" to it in the middle, and I want to use groups of twos, threes and solos to keep it interesting throughout. My question is, I want to give each dancer a solo, using sixteen counts of the first section of a part, then add other dancers in during the second sixteen counts of the part (I hope this is making sense), with different numbers of people each time. Is this too predictable? Are there any "rules" I should work with here?

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Is it possible my question was missed? :helpsmilie:

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Yes! Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!


No rules, necessarily! Choreographers give thought to patterns and shapes, making them visually interesting, linking steps that will be interesting to both the audience and the dancers, and what story/feeling they are trying to convey.


I do not consider myself to have choreographic gifts, but I will share with you what my process is:

1. Listening to the music constantly, letting it roll into my subconscious thought, feeling it, seeing it, sensing it

2. I write down in a Kurt Vonnegut way what colors, ideas, themes I am seeing.

3. I start to work through any movement themes and re-occuring movements I want to see

4. I write out the counts to the piece

5. I write down on a separate sheet of paper how the shapes/formations in my head link up to the musical counts/places in the music where I want to see them

6. I start the nitty-gritty: Who goes where when

7. I start laying the work on the dancers to see if what I am seeing in my head will actually work! I try to use a space that will be similar to the area I will have when it is put on stage, so I can visualize stage marks- 1/8 1/4, 1/2 centre etc.

8. I keep working it until it has the necessary energy and visual experience I am hoping for the audience to have!

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Thank you, Clara! I will definitely use this post...over and over and over again! :clapping::flowers:

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Clara 76 has great ideas, and I just have one small suggestion. Consider interspersing the solos or small group parts with parts for the larger group. That way, everyone will be more engaged throughout the piece. Of course, if the solos/small group parts are particularly taxing, they might welcome the break that a longer string of solos would bring!

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Ok, thanks, Hans! I'm really, really excited about this, and am greatful for Clara's and your help!

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