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Height for male dancers


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A male of 5'2" has limited-to-no prospects of getting a job, unless he is a phenom. :( Does he have any interest in choreographing, or any other aspect of ballet? Perhaps in that case, a college degree may be a good idea. I believe Daniil Simkin is 5'7", to give you an idea of a male dancer who is considered short.


5'10-6'0 is a good range for men.


For women, 5'2"-5'8" would be the normal range, again, unless they are a phenom.

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And even in Simkin's case, he likely would not be employed without his exceptional ability to do "tricks" in addition to everything else. Unfortunately, the roles given to shorter men (probably 5'9" and under) these days really require tricks. I don't like it, but...c'est la vie.

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My son is 6' and 1/2" at 16-years-old. I thik he's still growing. His height right now is an advantage. He's partnering and doing very well technically. My concern is that I think he's still growing and his feet are huge. It's difficult to find slippers for him. Worried that he may be over 6' 2". He's adopted so we have no clue. But he is very talented and his teachers feel he has great potential. Have the height "averages" gotten taller? Hopefully he's exceptional and his height won't matter?

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My 14yo DS is pushing 6ft and his height is just fine AT THIS POINT. His male instructor says that you need to make your body type work for you and find a place in the dance world. Not just decide you aren't the right shape or size. Another opinion I was given is that yes, DS probably wont get a job in Japan but the Netherlands would be great! So I guess we will just see wont we?

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One of the male leads at the Joffrey ballet is significantly over 6" tall and he is just glorious- those long limbs look great on stage. (He is RBS trained as well).


I know from watching Breaking Point the AD at Ballet West said his company runs "tall." I'm sure there are opportunities out there!

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DS is 5'10" and is well-trained at some of the best US and UK schools. He auditioned for several European companies this year and has been repeatedly told that he's on the small side. The desired range appears to be tight - between 5'11" and about 6'3" - but it can vary between companies.

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Good to hear of taller male ballet dancers. Not sure when a boy stops growing. My son is 16. He's had a few growth spurts but I think he's slowing down. It took about a year to get that 1/2 inch over 6'. We'll see. As for his feet...size 12 1/2 mens, which "translates" to size 19 Sansha. which means difficulty finding men's slippers that fit.

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If you are having difficulty finding ballet slippers that fit the larger foot sizes, Fuzi makes them up to size 48. My son wears a size 14 street shoe and I buy him 46 narrows from Fuzi. They also have the option of making them bigger if you need them. They are a great shoe, reasonably priced, and last a decent amount of time. I just wish they made their canvas jazz shoes as large! My son is 15 and pushing 6'. Based on the size of his feet, I'm wondering how much taller he is going to be!!!

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my DS has just turned 16 and just hit 6 foot. His ballet teacher said he could do with 'a few more inches'... His Dad is 5' 10 and I am 5' 7, but DS takes after my brother who is exactly 6' (although our Dad is only 5' 11 and Mum is 5' 6). On the other hand DSs best friend is 6' 1 and his Mum is 5' 4 and his Dad is 5' 7 so you never can tell... this is why I think worrying about eventual height pre puberty is probably not worth it (unless you have a good medical reason to think growth is likely to be restricted)....

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I guess it's wasted energy to worry about height....one of the things we absolutely cannot control! I do know of one 18-year-old young man who is 5'7" and he's with Houston Ballet. My own dancing son, age 18, is also 5'7", but he's doing the college route while still dancing. My daughter is with a ballet company (apprentice) and she is 5'3". She says there are several short men in her company, as well as taller men and women.

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Thanks for this thread. I too was concerned about my DS height. He seemed tall enough to me but it nice to be sure. I measured him when he returned from SI thinking he looked taller... nope not at all, oh well wishful thinking. Then yesterday he was sizing me up as he playfully does, so I measured him again and sure enough he has grown an inch since the beginning of August. He's now 1 inch from being within the range :-)

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