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Redbookish mentioned on another thread that there were some not-so-great instructional videos (Youtube sources), etc. I would love some input on some good sources for instructional videos for home use for adults. I have a free-standing barre arriving tomorrow and I was thinking of maybe ordering Finis Jhung's Stretch, Turnout and Extension video. Would something like this be appropriate for adults as I know these videos feature young dancers? Any other video suggestions would be great. I really want something other than a barre-style fitness workout to work on strengthening and flexibility during my off days. Note- my teacher encourages barre exercises at home for me.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

I have several of Finis Jhung's videos and find them very useful for many things, when I am preparing classes for my adult students. His instruction is clear, the exercises are presented in a clear and understandable manner, the videos move at a pace where you can follow along if you'd like, and if you are one who wants to know how things work "from the inside out" you will appreciate his approach to teaching. He doesn't advocate forcing turn-out, working beyond one's current capabilities, etc. Many of the videos feature adult professional level dancers. So - you get to see correct technique done by an adult.


I had the pleasure of taking one of his teacher training workshops a few years back. I enjoyed it very much.


Best wishes on your dancing!


BTW: I LOVE your hobbies, especially shopping!

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Can any ballet instructional video be better than getting instructions from a live teacher? It's hard to copy what others are doing without being able to have someone else observe and correct you.

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I just got the New York City Ballet Workout 1 & 2. It is a good workout (break a slight sweat) but it doesn't use a barre. But it has some good conditioning exercises for core muscles and back (and dance a little bit with short plie, balance, posse, and other combinations). It also doesn't take up a lot of room (which is good because I don't have a studio at my disposal--just a small living room!!).


Geezer, I agree, a live teacher is much better, but sometimes due to schedules/finances a live teacher is not possible every day. I would love to have a live class every day but I can't afford it financially (and while I was studying for my certification exam, I couldn't afford the time, either!).

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