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I cannot believe what a small world it is! I'm currently in Bangkok visiting with family, and this morning I literally ended up on the same barre in class with another BT4D member! :D Isn't that delightful? Strangely, she also has encountered another BT4D poster where she currently lives as well, which happens to not be Thailand. What a small, small world, and how wonderful it is to meet someone you never knew you kind of knew!


To make this post semi more ballet related, I'll add that the previous school I mentioned in an old post: Aree School of Dance Arts no longer has a functioning branch inside of the Central World Plaza, unfortunately. I didn't end up going to any of the other locations that still existed, but I visited Bangkok City Ballet instead.


Bangkok City Ballet was a little difficult to find as it was not exactly in Citi Resort 49's main building, but it is in the same lot. The teacher was great, the technique was more RAD oriented it seemed, and the facility was pretty good (but not insanely awesome like the giant studios in some American schools). There was an outside of class waiting area/lobby with dressing room/booths and bathrooms. It was a good class all in all, wish there was more across the floor, but since it was an open class the teacher has to cater to the students that show up. I will definitely make the effort to go again should I visit.

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Hi LaFilleSylphide,


It was lovely to meet you, and indeed a big surprise that I even recognised your BaletTalk forum name - I am a novice here.


I am back home safely, and look forward to a ballet class with my more 'regular' teacher tomorrow night.


One wise woman said this about travellers who meet the same people on their travels all the time: it's not that the world is small, it's simply that the people who travel are the same people... I think there was a reason we met at a ballet class and not at the CentralWorld food court, for example. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your stay in Bangkok! Keep in touch! Remember Hong Kong has plenty of ballet schools and adult classes :whistling:


Olga (HK)

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Oooh, I want to go to Bangkok! Ballet class would just be icing on that cake. I've met 1 member, long ago, we used to take class together regularly, but I haven't seen her on here in years.

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We should all have a world ballet class excursion! Haha, wouldn't it be awesome to see each other all in class? That's what adult intensive must be for. I'm so happy to have met you, OlgaHK. I'm back in Laos now, but if it's possible, I may visit Hong Kong in February and we'll take class together. ;) We'll see how my agenda goes.

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Funny, I took a couple of classes at Bangkok City Ballet in November of last year. I will be going back soon to take a couple more classes and also to get dance supplies. I am fed up being forced to travel out of country to take classes, so I am opening the first ballet school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia next month. If any of you living in Asia visit Phnom Penh, please let me know and come and see me.

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I had to go back to Bangkok this week for some private business, so I went to Khun Tae (Wednesday) class again. I just liked her pace and thorough explanations plus combinations that are doable but still challenging. The class was full this time - we had over 10 people, half of them were Japanese ))


After the class, I heard some familiar music and checked the other studio - Stephen was doing the advanced (or pro?) class and belieive it or not, I thought they did exactly the same exercise we saw them doing, to the exactly the same music as a month ago )) There was definitely a sense of deja vu...

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Haha, next time maybe I'll try to pop into that advanced class - so I can struggle and fail. Then by the time I've written everything down and memorized it, the next month I'll be super! ;) Just kidding of course.


How similar to the last time was the Khun Tae class you took this time? I'm sad to say that I won't be coming to Hong Kong this month - too much work! :( As for Phnom Penh, I will have to look forward to it! Who do you have as faculty at Phnom Penh? What kind of classes will you have? Also, what style of ballet will be taught there? I'm so curious!

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Everyone: the Bangkok City Ballet is running a workshop 22 to 30 March with many exciting classes and guest teachers! Their website seem to be under renovation, so if you are interested, look for their Facebook page, there is some info there.

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I'll be in Bangkok for a week from the 12th of May 2012. Any forum members going to be there?

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:*( No! I wish I would be there to dance with you too. Have fun!

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If you ever come to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, come to my school!

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For sure! I will probably end up going there after I finish up my projects here in Laos. :)

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Just took two classes at BCB yesterday and this morning. Loved them. I was so worried I would have a hard time keeping up, especially in the class with the guest teacher, but I managed a lot better than I expected I would. Anyway, I am already back in Phnom Penh. Hopefully I'll be able to return to Bangkok in 6 weeks.


I am planning to go to Vientiane, Laos to visit friends at some point this year. LaFille, are there any good ballet schools there? I always try to take class wherever I go.

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Haha, there is almost absolutely no ballet in Vientiane. But if you want, send me a PM and I can give you my number and you can come work out with me and my friend from Switzerland.

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I cannot send you a PM yet. I am still a new member, but I guess that soon enough I will be able to.

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