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Turnout/knee question


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I would like to ask that we remember that although this is the Adult forum and it is an Adult discussion, it is important to note that the forum is not private nor hidden from the Main forum. Therefore, in any discussion of this magnitude about technical issues, it is important to remember first our students and parents who may read all forums (even though they can't post and ask questions) and take from a discussion uninformed or misguided information simply because they may not come from the same place of technical expertise.


Statements that are counter to most training is problematic unless handled correctly.

(from the topic on grand plies and turnout in the adult ballet student's buddyboard)



I have a question related to this topic, that I've had ever since this...discussion...began. I am in the boat Momof3darlings mentioned; I read everything, even though I can't post, but I feel more confused the more I read this topic, so please bear with me while I ask this:


My knees don't touch when I stand in parallel; they kind of "look" at each other and there is a space in between. My teacher calls it tibial tortion. When I turn out, I can make up for this by turning my calves, so my knees are over my toes. Is this the right thing to do? I'm sorry, it's just not clear to me from the discussion, so I thought I would ask here... :nixweiss:

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Rotation comes from the hips, asc. If you have tibial torsion I would be very surprised if you could rotate the calves. The major way the legs turn our is to rotate them from the hip. The leg is connected to the hip. :wink: If you turn out your feet too far, your knees won't track over your toes, and this is not correct. Do you have a way of posting a link to some photos that we can see? If so, have someone photograph you standing in parallel, but standing in correct alignment. Also in first position, and in a tendu à la seconde.

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I will take some :) I can post them on photobucket the same way I did for the pointe shoe suggestion photos.


Thank you for helping out a very confused person! :flowers:

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