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Intermediate Ballet or Grade 6 (RAD)?


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Sorry if this kind of thing has been asked before, but I'm new here :)


I've been doing RAD grade 6 for a year now, and I know I'm a bit behind for my age, since most of the girls in my class were 14-15. Still, I moved to a new ballet school recently (they claim to be the best non-vocational dance school around) and all the girls in Grade 6 are around 8-12.


Not only is it a bit embarrassing to be stuck with children almost half your age, but I think I'm getting too old for the junior ballet grades anyway. Should I be considering taking a foundation ballet class instead? I watched my friends DVD, and can do most of the work on the syllabus easily. I also have strong pointe technique, and although my flexibility isn't the best, I can reach a clean 90 degrees on both legs.


Please help, I really don't know what to do! I'm fairly new to ballet (started at 15) but not to dance in general, since I did tap and modern before I started ballet.




M x

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