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Adult Ballet Classes - Italy


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I may be relocating to Rome, Italy, for a year or so and would like to be able to continue my training if I do. Does anyone here have any suggestions? I am looking for either classes that allow adults to take with younger students or adult-only classes. I speak Italian, so language shouldn't be an issue.


Thank you for any suggestions you may have!

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Wow! That one looks very good! I might send some guinea pigs to check it out... :D

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I lived there for many years! One of the best schools is IALS. Istituto Al Destrimento Lo Spettacolo. It's an open school like Steps and you can take as many classes as you like on a drop-in basis. Some of the teachers there are spectacular! When I lived there (I'm sure the rates have gone up), it was 11 euro monthly fee, and each class was about 11 euro per hour and half that you paid to the teacher. It's very easy to get to, and they'll give you a program with a ton of teachers. I recommend Andrei Fedotov greatly (He was a principal I think... with La Scala and previously with Bolshoi) if you are a Vaganova trained dancer. There was also one of my favorite teachers, Marcello Raciti - but I believe he has a contract teaching in Norway right now.


You can see the schedule and etc. here:



You get to Flaminia (Piazzale Flaminio... where the porta del popolo is located to the Piazza del Popolo), take the 2 tram which will go towards Tiziano. Get off at the Cesare Fracassini stop, walk towards the tevere and it'll be on your right. It's the second to the last building I think (the last one selling sporting goods and sports apparel, including some dancewear not much). There's a slew of open classes there - all kinds. The dancers range from all levels. You find yourself in class with professionals and retired pros all the time. Try as many different teachers and classes as you can.


Some teachers teach there once in a while, but if you ask them, they'll tell you where else they also teach so you can follow them to their other studio locations.

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There are a million other teachers too - I'm curious about Oksana's classes, but I've never been before. You'll have to PM me if you take one of Oksana's classes, I'm dying to know what her classes are like. If you try a new teacher you like, tell us so I (and other adults in Rome haha) can take their classes too. I've tried Liliana Panebianco's variations class before - it was different. I didn't know what style she taught. She seems kind of South American in style perhaps.

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I agree! I'm too a student at IALS in Rome, and I'm quite enthusiast. I'm Italian but started studying ballet when posted in the USA.

My teacher is Teresa Buompadre, she is fantastic. She teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Normally I take 3 - 4 classes per week. Wednesday class is pointe only.

So, welcome in Rome....

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What style is Teresa Buompadre? Is she Vaganova? She's been at IALS for many years too. I have never taken her class. I think I move back next year, so I have to start researching teachers again.

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I will be in Rome in August and am wondering about drop in classes...


I do not speak or read Italian and so found the class schedule at IALS posted on-line a little confusing.... Are they all available as drop-in? Is Interm-avanse "intermediate/advanced"?


Do dancers of all ages come? In NYC, I would not feel comfortable crashing an Advanced or Adv/Pro level but would be happy enough in most other classes.... Same for my 15 year old daughter who would want to dance too. In NY there is often a broad mix of abilities in class... But perhaps in Rome this would be considered too crazy?


Are the studios air conditioned? (normally I do not care for dancing in air conditioning but I understand Rome to be very very hot in August...)


Hoping there are still some Roman readers of this forum... :)

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I guess August will be difficult to find something in Italy (regular classes) because august usually all Italy is in holidays and most schools are closed. It could be that there's still something open but you might look around for summer intensive. They call them "stage" and if you talk to them, I am pretty sure that they will allow you to take also single lessons. They last from just weekends to several weeks and there are so many "stages" going on during the summer all over Italy.

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Thank you... That's most helpful. I've figured out the level labels but m still not ure how they might correspond to NYC levels...

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Hi Amy!


Principianti is beginner, and it's pretty basic. You're right about the Intermedio being Intermediate and Avanzato being Advanced. They advanced classes are pretty advanced, and a large variety of ages show up for the classes. There are people from their early 20's through the 50+ range. Most people seem to fit the classes they are taking.


Yes, Rome is VERY hot during August, and you'll have to visit and find out which teachers are still around during that month. It's vacation season, and during August they go on "Ferragosto" meaning August break. I remember people still teaching and taking classes during that period though. Most of the studios are not air conditioned, the building is a re-furbished grocery store, so some rooms are older than others. The big main room at the heart of the school is usually air conditioned, I think... I can't recall. Or there are fans at least. It also is one of the rooms with Marley flooring. Always bring a towel and water bottle because you'll need it! Over air conditioned is not a problem that any of the studios in Rome suffer haha!


I don't think the dancers are as advanced as NYC levels, but unless indicated, all the classes are open to drop in. You purchase a monthly membership at the counter (it's very reasonable, and I wasn't sure if there was anything less than a monthly membership... maybe a day card or something), and then you also pay each teacher individually according to class. I don't know how much it is anymore, but years ago it was only 11 euros for an hour and half class. You should probably PM Vergerio1 and ask, because I'm sure the prices have changed quite a bit.


Is it okay for me to post a link? If not please remove it. This is a video that shows the main classroom I was talking about. I haven't taken Caterina's classes before, but this seems to be displaying a handful of her students in an intermediate class. They have all the lights turned off, because I think it was the filmmaker's choice. By no means would you be dancing in a dark room with two spotlights! hahaha!


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Thank you!!!! That is so very helpful. When it is clear who will be traching I might ask you what their class is like... But you have given me a lot of info. It sounds very much like STEPS or Braodway Dance in NY...

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