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Dance Belt Problems


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I have another question. I just started ballet and bought my first tights and dance belt. There is one small problem. I can't find a dance belt big enough for me. I have a 42" waist. So I was wondering if anyone makes a dance belt for my size?

If you say I need to lose those extra inches, it probably won't happen. I can already feel the bones in my waist. It's just my size.

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They stretch! They have to be much tighter than the standard jockstrap, and when brand new, they make you feel like you're being sawed in two the hard way! Get the largest size available.

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For a little while Capezio's sizing was messed up (poor quality control), and their size medium was arriving with a waist measurement of a small. The problem with ordering a size large (for me) was that a large also accounts for body girth, so the thong fabric was longer, and the waist would ride up too high. I tried shortening the thong... but due to its location on the body, I couldn't figure out a comfortable, or sturdy way to do this.


What I ended up doing was getting an old dancebelt and cutting the elastic away from the rest of the dancebelt. Next I got the new dancebelt and cut on either side of the thong in the back.... then I sewed about 1" of old elastic to either side of the thong... then resewed it all back together. I happen to have a serger (sewing machine), so when it all got sewn back together, the elastic did not ravel - I don't think you could do this by hand.

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I don't know where you are located, but I live in NYC and I have an amazing lady who makes custom dancewear and doesn't charge that much more than the stuff that you buy in a store. I'm a retired performer, and came back to taking class recently (well into my adult years). I wanted a dance belt that would hold me in place, but at the same time not leave a line where my tummy would bulge over the top. She has made me some beautiful dance belts that fit perfectly. If you aren't in NY...perhaps there is someone who can make them for you where you live

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Hi...I don't use this site a lot, and I just remembered that I even had the account. I don't think that Maria would be comfortable with me posting her phone number. Hopefully I will eventually be able to send a PM (How many posts do I need?) and i can contact her and see if it is ok to send you the info.

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I had the same problem, and someone sewed a piece of extra elastic in for me. It worked fine.



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