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Jammed ankle in Plie


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I have a big depth problem when I plié: my left leg is fine, but my right ankle (back of the foot, possibly achilles tendon as well) just feels jammed, and therefore restricts the depth of my plié. This is apparent in all the positions I do this in (first, second, third and feet parallel). The difference in depth is quite a lot, 10-15 cm.

I don't experience problems in day to day life but only in ballet. I remembered when I started class I had a lot of ankle cracking in the right foot, that sometimes felt freeing, I don't experience that as much anymore, if at all.


My question is whether I should ask a doctor about, and how I should deal with it best in class. I'm a bit worried that my left leg won't get as good a stretch.


Shortly about me: I started as an adult beginner (22 years of age) back in September once a week Vaganova style classes, and recently took up another class that is more dancy (quite a few combinations and more advanced steps than in the other class) and less focused on technique.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi TinyBucket,


I would guess you don't experience it much in day to day life because we don't usually usually use a demi-plie much in everyday life :) The bodies ability to work around its own restrictions is phenominal, and you've probably just found a way you haven't noticed up until now - in ballet class though, the weakness seems to have been exposed!


A 10-15cm difference is significant and if you were my student I would be reccomending a professional opinion. It could be any number of things from the achillies, to calves, to leg length, to pelvis, to who know what! A trained eye should be able to give insight, and hopefully a plan of ation for correction if necessary.


Good luck!

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I would seek a doctor's opinion. You never know, and better safe than sorry when it comes to your body! I know that I was having achillese tendon problems, and my doctor showed me a simple stretch and I hardly ever have pain any more. While your problem might not be as easy a fix, you won't know unless you ask!

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