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I just recieved news that I am wait listed at my first choice, which was, I knew already, a reach school for me. Honestly I never thought I would get in but now I have gotten a wait list offer and on one hand I am happy because I didn't think that would happen but also I am upset because it means more waiting.


So, I was just wondering from anyone who had expierience with being wait listed. Do you think it would be a good idea to see if I could go to another audtion, this school has a few left? I am just left feeling like i should be doing something, this whole waiting thing is not fun.

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It would be best for you to go on the specific "first choice" program's thread. In some programs there is a track record of people being pulled up. In other programs, there is history that the waitlist is never touched. The information will likely already be in that thread for you or at least you'd have more specific information from people who've experienced that particular program :)

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I believe you are talking about a college program and not an SI, right?


Are you wait listed for the dance department, for the academic acceptance, or what exactly? No need to answer here---it's just a question you need to address. The answer may make a difference in how you approach the matter.


If it is for the dance department acceptance, Momof3darlings is right. You'll have better chance of getting information on the program's dedicated thread here on BT4D. If it is for the academic acceptance, I would suggest you check on the forums at www.talk.collegeconfidential.com.


I would definitely be re-aligning my preferences, though and looking for a new 'first choice' in case the wait list doesn't pan out.


Best Wishes.

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My DD just recieved an acceptance letter from one of the schools she's auditioned. However, her 'dream' school audition is in March. We have been told by her company's administrator that another dancer from the company has already been accepted to that school, meaning it's too late for her to audition. I have never heard this before. Has anyone heard that colleges only accept one student from a company?

Thanks and Good luck!

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I would probably consider that Urban myth. If I were you, I'd have my DK audition and see what happens.

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