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Technique in Taos?


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I tried to do a search for this but because the "in" and "Taos" are short words, it wouldn't go....


Any folks attended the Technique in Taos with Jillana before? How was it?

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I'm interested in learning more about this, too. At the moment, I'm trying to choose between this and SunKing (Adult Dance Camp). I would love to hear about others' experiences with the program.



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Have you read the sticky, Adult Summer Intensives? http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=8168


There might be some information there.

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Can we stick to first hand experience or information, please, as is the policy of this board? Otherwise, we descend into gossip & rumour, and misinformation.


You'll find comments, reports, and inks to the children's SI run by Jillana here: http://dancers.invis...ndpost&p=397038


And if you search "jillana" you'll find many more links and mentions.

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