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The young Royal Ballet star Sergei Polunin resigns with immediate effe


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I got to see Polunin on film a few days ago at an encore broadcast of the Royal Ballet's Sleeping Beauty. His technique was amazing, but his acting was even more striking, it was probably the most convincing performance of Prince Florimund I have yet seen, he looked like he believed in every minute of the story 100%. He may well go on to have a career in acting. But he even when he stops dancing, he should seriously continue to perform character roles in ballet, I think might be a brilliant Drosselmeyer later on.

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Thank you for posting the article Swanchat. I found it very sad that Polunin seemed to have no personal support from anyone in RB. In many walks of life a senior figure will act as a mentor for a younger member of their profession. Here was a troubled young man left to stew on his own for 3 hours after the "crisis". Surely a timely intervention could have smoothed matters somewhat, even if it still ended with his leaving the company.


However, it seems he has found a future in ballet and let's hope it all goes well for him.

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