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First Class! Hurray!


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I had asked awhile ago about taking my first ballet class, and I'm here to report that I had my first class Tuesday night.


And - wow - what an experience! Honestly, the whole set up was a little strange and different than I expected {but, really I didn't know what to expect!}. And even though it was a class touted as for the very beginner, I felt like we were expected to know stuff. Which none of is did.


But! It was still fun! My legs were like jelly, and are still a bit sore even today. I felt like an aboslute elephant tromping around! Ha! And at 30, my brain can't retain all the new information thrown my way as easily as it once could. About the only things I can remember are plie and grand plie. And there were several things with food names {though I don't remember what they meant} - frappe, saute, fondue - that certainly made me giggle. I'm really excited to learn and to develop some grace. :)


I was warned that ballet is addictive, and now I know what you all meant! I can't wait for my next class!

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JennaBird, good for you! Walking in the door and taking the first class is the hardest part. :clapping:

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Congrats! It gets more familiar after a few years... and I expect you to stick to it for a few years like all of us ended up doing! haha

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Wonderful! Glad you enjoyed your first class, and thank you for reporting back.

And even though it was a class touted as for the very beginner, I felt like we were expected to know stuff.

I think that even an absolute beginner taught as first time ever class would feel like this: there is just SO much information to take in, even simply standing at the barre. You need to work your bodily alignment in quite a different way than our day-to-day slumped weight back-in-the-heels tendencies in posture &alignment. Have a look at Clara's Sticky post on alignment at the top of the Adult Students Technique forum.


Also, the ABT Ballet Dictionary is very useful for showing you all those "food" words -- (by the way the fast food uses of the French are often a distortion of their meaning), and also omething like Gail Grant's ballet books, give excellent written descriptions. These can help embed this new language in your brain.


One of the great advantages adult beginners have (and let's face it, we need all the advantages we can get!) is that we can assist our physical proprioception learning with book learning. You cannot learn ballet from a book, of course, but you can support and embed your learning in the studio by a bit of revision in the library.


Hope you're not too sore!

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Congratulations! Going to that first class is such a big step and so scary! I remember my legs felt just like jello and my brain was completely stuffed with information. Just keep going and realize there is a bit of a brain lag in figuring out things. And your body doesn't listen well to what your brain tries to tell it to do. But it gets easier and more fun. Just stick with it!

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Great News :clapping: another new lover of the ballet class. I am 46 and started dancing again a few weeks ago. I understand what the teacher wants me to do but my body is having trouble keeping up. I am loving it as I have found class that is for Adults of all shapes & sizes and the teacher talks about the quality and feel of the movement and I feel like I am actually dancing again. :huepfen:

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