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Structure of Modern/contemporary companies

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Do professional modern and contemporary companies have tiers within their structures like ballet companies do? For example, do they have trainees, principals, soloists, corps, etc.? This may sound like a less-than-well-informed question, but I really have no idea! If there is no set hierarchy within companies, is there any common structure often found in modern/contemporary companies? Thanks.

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While I am no expert on this by any means, to my knowledge, modern companies do not have tiers such as principals, soloists, corps, etc. They might have apprentices or trainees, or they might have second companies, such as Paul Taylor II.


Overall, modern companies are smaller than many ballet companies, I'm guessing mainly because the story ballets require more dancers, even if there is an associated school to provide extra dancers.


I would say that it would be unusual for a modern company to have more than 20 dancers and that would be quite large. Just looked at Mark Morris Company and they have 18, Paul Taylor has 16 in the main company.

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My understanding is the same as golconda's. I know that some modern companies use dance captains, esp. when they are touring companies, but I'm not aware of any that are tiered in the same fashion as ballet companies. In fact, most modern/contemp. companies try to take a more egalitarian approach. There's good and bad to both systems.

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