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Photos for submission anyone?


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It must at least a year ago since we had a whip round for photos for The Studio part of Ballet alert. Since then only Marc and me have posted photos on the adult dancers part of The Studio. We look awfully lonely, and I don't think I remember who Marc is?

So this is a call for some more photos, if that is ok with Alexandra that is?

This would be especially nice as there are quite a few of us who have been on this board for quite sometime, and it would be lovely to actually put a face and some ballet legs to your names. Don't be shy:eek: , it can be quite fun actually producing the photos:D



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Guest beckster

I can't remember whether I posted about this or not, but it was my dance school show over the weekend and I was in one dance (with Skippy who also posts sometimes!). My first ever ballet performance and I don't think I made TOO much of a mess of it - I'm reserving judgement till I see the video though! I've never seen myself dance (not even in the mirror as they are behind us in the studio) so it may be something of a shock. We took loads of photos so if there's a nice one of me maybe I'll send it in. I'm not sure if the world is ready to see me in fuschia pink shiny leotard though ...

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Guest dancerwannabe

Congratulations on your show! I'm sure you did great! Here they don't let us in the shows for the school. There are no performance opportunities.

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Guest beckster

It occurred to me that posting a photo of myself might prove to the men's board that I am actually female (yes I admit it, I was lurking).

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Guest Anders

I knew it!:rolleyes:


I'm hoping to take a truck-load of pictures at Richmond this summer and will definitely be posting them here. If you hadn't come clean, Becky, I was going to suggest that we switch photos and post them under each others names so as to confuse everyone even more:p


Oh, and congratulations on your performance! So far, I'm content with learning technique and performing for myself and the studio mirror (which, btw, I am beginning to dislike more and more). In another year, I'm sure I'll be dying to perform. I hope there will be opportunities for me then.


See you in a couple of weeks!

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Guest beckster

Oh, I won't be at Richmond. Some of us have a thesis to write you know. Next year hopefully I'll be a proper grownup with a job and a holiday entitlement and everything, and I'll be there with bells on.


Well, maybe not bells ... it might distract you from your plies.

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What???? There's beena women in the men's room? EEEEEKEKKKKKKEKEKEKKKKKKKKK!!!



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Guest beckster

It's ok, I didn't see anything worth blackmailing anyone with. Those of you going to Richmond should take photos of each other to post here... maybe then I will send in the pictures of pink leotard hell.

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:D Hello everyone. Beckster did really well in the show, at least she didnt go wrong. My partner and i started off on different feet and me being professional to the end started laughing when i realized what had happened. Melissa just had a shock horror look, she was mortified.:)

What beckster forgot to tell you was that the finest moment was when she went to collect her trophy for the senior ballet cup. (Sorry Beck - Xena might want to know that). I for one was dead chuffed as she really deserved it (You just needs more confidence in your dancing you are becoming quite a dancer). So one more time from me CONGRATULATIONS.

By the way if you do put some pictures on the board can i vet them first please some are quite embarrassing - Xena i have sent you some. They should be with you soon.

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Guest beckster

bless you, skippy - the lovely runner-up trophy I recieved (including forgetting to curtsey and then looking like a fool having to go back and collect a medal for someone else - so glad it's on the video!) has pride of place on the mantelpiece. And actually, I did make a rather large mistake but luckily not in the videoed performance. I was meant to be doing coupe fouette raccourci, in the front centre of the stage and ended up missing out the coupe's and doing sort of mad degage's instead with a massive grin to distract attention from my feet. Hopefully the mums and dads thought it was meant to look like that! At least I was on the right foot though ;)

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I received the photos, they were beautiful and brought a lump to my throat.

I showed them my teacher over here and she was impressed about how nice the arms and feet looked. So none suitable for posting then?? I think there are but you're being way too modest....



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Guest Lola_Doggy

Well, if my life ever returns to normal again (i.e. actually find the time to go to class without feeling guilty) I'll see if Ms. Xena would be kind enough to apply a few ounces of pressure to a shutter release device such that I could perambulate post haste a visage for your delectation.


On a technical point, who exactly does one send the finished product to ?.


As you can probably tell from the somewhat colorful language, it's been one of those evenings when the baby Ansel cannot be comforted for more than 1 minute 17 seconds, hence my current elation enjoying a copiously large (and perfectly made) Cosmopolitan.


Such is the life of a new parent,



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