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library lady

History of Ballet course

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library lady

Hard to believe but I can't seem to find a class on the history of ballet. I am a parent of a dancer and I have a strong interest in learning more about it. Have checked NYU, the New School, Columbia--all the usual subjects. Has anyone heard of something like this? Could be a college-level course that would be open to auditing or a course in a continuing ed program. Suggestions? Thanks.

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Twinkle Mom

Try the University of Utah. The ballet majors are required to take a course called Ballet History, which is only offered online. Here is a link to the description of the course (Ballet 4410):



If you decide this is the one you want, you might want to take it during the summer, when everyone pays resident tuition. I do not know if it is open to auditing or not.

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Victoria Leigh

Any University with a major in Ballet should have a Ballet History course! Not sure about online courses, but check the websites. If you are in NY, check Purchase.

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Just curious about why you are interested in a class rather than reading and studying Jennifer Homan's highly regarded Apollo's Angels.


I've taken a lot of university classes in my life and a few online courses (basically films of regular university classes) and my sense is that a good class is a function of both the content taught and the teacher doing the teaching, a not so easy to find combination.

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