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Ballet Austin Summer Intensive Audition


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My son is 16 and has been dancing only a couple years but truly loves to dance. He wants to attend an SI this year, so we will be going to an audition in two days. I'm a worried mom though. Are they looking for people with more experience? Is it hard to get accepted?

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I think it depends upon the SI! Some are highly selective relative to the high numbers that turn out for their auditions, some are extremely selective with much smaller auditionees proportionately; some perceived "elite" SIs accept almost anyone; some perceived "elite" SIs accept almost noone. Then there are SIs who accpet everyone who applies.


Basically, have a good read around our SI forum- tons of information there that will be helpful!! Also, make sure he evaluates the SI audition class too, so he can start getting a feel for where he is in the larger scope of things, as well as whether he thinks that SI might be a good fit for him or not. I can't tell you how many dancers end up surprised by an audition class!

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Oops! Only Parent of Dancing Boys are allowed to post here. Another parent wandered in by mistake and a post was removed.

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Hi jamied, where did he audition, and what was it like?


He auditioned in Dallas. It was his first SI audition ever. I had to send him with another parent because I had to work. He told me that it was fine, because he is a 13 year old boy, that is all he told me. :)

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According to my ds, Ballet Austin was the most "class-like" of all the auditions he attended this season. He said the instructor was very kind and gave lots of corrections. If someone didn't remember the combination or was doing something incorrectly, she re-taught the concept or went over it again until everyone could do it. It quickly put him at ease, and he enjoyed the class/audition very much.

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My DS next audition is with Ballet Austin. Out of all the auditions registered for, this is the one I'm looking forward to because of location and videos I have viewed on their website. We have heard wonderful things about BA from our SO who highly recommends this intensive.


If anyone wants to share their DS audition experience and results that would be great!

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Our 17yo DS auditioned on Saturday. It was a small venue with just 12 dancers in the audition. There was one other boy. The audition was 2 hours. The teacher/BalletAustin faculty member gave corrections and was attentive. We spoke with him afterwards to give feedback about their website--one of the easiest to navigate and learn about a company. He was very open to conversation and spoke highly of Austin. Our DS was favorable to the audition experience. Our hope in encouraging him to audition for it, is to get experience with different types of programs and companies. The SI's he has attended have been selective but not affiliated with ballet companies. There is a different flavor to each one. At his age and development we think he needs to be exposed to a variety of options and directions a dancer can take. I highly recommend going back into the BTFD Summer Intensive Archives to see how the company/program has evolved over time.

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Microgeek: My son auditioned for Austin Ballet's Summer Intensive last year and got offered a full scholorship. From what he told me . . . ., Ballet Austin offers a men's scholarship in which the boy has to do a few chores like move chairs or take out the trash but in return everything is free except for the flight.





Dancer 801, your profile notes you are a 'dancer', yet your post is written by a parent. Only one person may use a single screen name on BT4D, i.e., we do not permit the sharing of a single account. As previous postings have been in the 'student' voice, the parent needs to register with his/her own screen name. :thumbsup:

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My DS auditioned this past Monday. He said the class was fun but that parts of it was hard. He really like the instructor and the good feedback he gave. He felt comfortable with his performance.


We received his acceptance email on Friday. Nice!

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