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Transition to tights


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I have a question about tights. My 16 y.o. son wears M.Stevens black tights with Wear Moi dance belt. He hates taking off his shorts though since he says the tights are see through when he sweats. His jeans are 28x30 (and a little long), and he is wearing medium tights. So I don't think they are too small. I'm not sure though. Does anyone else have this problem, or is he just sensitive since he is new to wearing tights and the only boy in the program? I bought some Russian ballet dance pants (I can't remember the brand) which he loves, but one of his instructors says he can't wear them in class since she can't see his form properly, which makes perfect sense to me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I am a bit surprised that he finds them see-through, as that is not usually a problem with M. Stevens, and based on his jeans size, it sounds as if a medium is correct unless M. Stevens has changed their sizing. If going up a size doesn't help, he might try wearing two pairs or using Bal-Togs tights instead.

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You might also try changing the type of M Stevens. I believe they have cotton as well as milliskin now. The cotton is a little thicker. The milliskin feels great but seems, at least to me, to be a bit thinner. Mirella has some pretty thick cotton tights as well - he might be more comfortable in them. I'm not sure I'd go up in size for the M Stevens. My DS was about two inches taller and maybe 29 x 30/31 at that age and he wore medium. If you do go up, then use an elastic belt - made from a piece of maybe 1 inch wide elastic, worn around the top of the tights. Then roll the tights down to the waist. Of course only if his teacher is agreeable, but that's what all of DS' friends did.


I also recall another brand of tights - nice and thick - but I can't remember the name. I know they were hard to find and we ended up ordering them from a store in Florida. I'll have to search for the name - but my DS loved them. I can imagine them being at all see through, sweat or not! Of course, they may be thicker than he likes, so it's all a trade off!

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My son resisted switching from tight bike shorts to tights, but the first day I had him try tights he loved them. He said the tights made it easier to dance-- I think he could feel the length of his leg better in tights. He has been wearing Capezios that we buy from a local ballet shop. Recently I bought Capezios (different model) from Discount Dance, and the new ones are much more see-through and more "scratchy." I think you have to shop around for the type of tights your son is comfortable with. I think that there are a lot of personal preferences. The tights my son likes (and which are definitely not see-through) are the Capezio 91% nylon adn 9% lycra sandex. The tag says G10 VND#68.


My son is 4'10" (age 11) and wears Men's small. According to the sizing chart on Discount Dance, he is wearing tights several sizes up.

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My son wears the Allen bodywear tights from discount dance. He said the only time they are see through is when they start to get too small and you bend your knee, you can see through them then.

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My DS (5'7"", 110lbs, jeans size 28x30) doesn't have any see-through problems with his black M. Stevens milliskin tights, size child X-Large.


The sizing charts show both a child and adult medium. Are you sized using the child or adult version?


White tights for performances, however, are a different story. He double layers when wearing white.

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