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Male Dance Bag Essentials?


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My brother just made principle in his company, he's worked so hard to do so and I thougth I would do something nice and have a custom bag made and fill it with all the essentials... but I've come to realize I don't know what the "essentials" are.


I found lots of information for girls bags and I know some of it transfers over but are there other things a 16 year old male needs?


And should I even try to be sneaky with trying to get him new tights and other clothing?


(my mom always gets him everything)


any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Victoria Leigh

Jakksbee, I moved this topic to The Men's Forum. Even though you are not a dancer yourself, your question will best be handled by our male moderators and dancers. :)

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A few ideas, by no means exhaustive:


A small sewing kit (a ziploc bag is fine) with black and white spools of thread, wide and narrow elastics, needles, and safety pins


A mini first aid kid (could also be a ziploc bag) with things like band-aids, medical tape, and Tiger Balm or Icy Hot


Breath mints (for partnering!)


I'm sure our members will have many other good ideas. :)

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Thanks guys this really helps! I also am gonna hit a local ballet store and see if they have anything else need :)

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Mel Johnson

Oops! A mom posted here by mistake. Sorry. :(

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A Stainless or clear water bottle.  A shaving/toiletry kit since he will be traveling. foot moisturizer and a nailcare kit. Mukluks. Small clear bottles for liquids: Detergent & Shampoo if he will be traveling. A backpack is more useful than a handbag. moisturier for hands and face, unscented.


knit legwarmers or pants would be great, all dancers spend a lot of time waiting around, and you cool down quickly.

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Extra wide elastic in Black and white.

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You guys are amazing! I just got the duffle bag and it looks perfect going shopping in the next few days for all the things above! Thanks again sooo very much

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Extra! Extra clothes! You never know when something is going to break or tear or get lost or fall into a deep abyss somewhere never to be found again. I always carry an extra pair of ballet shoes, shirt and tights around with me. Just in case.


Also; a hairbrush. I like to carry one. A hairbrush and hair-spray. To keep my hair off of my face while I dance. It always inevitably falls back down during classes. It's not good to dance around with your hair in your face. Unless that is; you don't have hair...


One last thing; cologne! Deodorant does half the job, but during things like pas de deux; you don't just want to 'not smell bad,' you want to smell good! :)

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Mel Johnson

And not just deodorant, use an anti-perspirant deodorant. You don't want to be slippery for those pas de deux!

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Any one remember the tennis ball to help roll out the occasional leg cramp?

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I would actually say not to use cologne as it can cause problems for people with asthma or allergies. If it's too strongly scented, it can give anyone a headache! Perspiration increases the strength of colognes, body sprays, etc., so if you do wear any, use a minimal amount.

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Two things the others did not mention.  One, an extra set of keys with a tiny flashlight.  Two, a tube of Eucern lotion #6.  This stuff is so thick it protects the skin against abrasions from wet or ill fitting clothing articles (DB).  

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