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Shoes to keep feet warm?


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DD wants to be like the cool teens at her school and wear those puffy booties that look like ski boots (for what it's worth, I'm a Floridian, born and bred, so forgive my description when it comes to all things winters). They're nylon or something on the outside and look like a "puffy jacket", but for your feet. Her birthday is coming up and I thought that would be a great present (if only I knew what they were called).



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I want those too!!!!!!! LOL!!!!


I ended up getting myself some mukluks on sale for $10 from Hautelook. But yes, those are from the Irina and Max collection.

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I bought a pair by Bloch for my DD, they came in purple, blue and I think green as well as black, and I have to admit (Clara 76) when she is at school I have worn them around the house....they are just too comfortable! LOL

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:grinning: Why not get a pair for yourself? There's no rule that says you can't! I would suggest maybe not wearing them to the studio, but at home- go for it!!!! :clapping:
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We just ordered some online from Sierra Trading Post that are made by Mountian Hardware and yes mom & daughter both have a pair. REI online also has a couple styles or do a search online for camping down slippers or booties. We always order a couple sizes & colors & send back what doesn't fit.

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Thanks for the tip! The Baffin brand and the Sierra Trading brands are very similar in appearance to the Irina and Max boots!


Here is the link to the Mountain Hardwear brand:



They are on sale.

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Another reason to order more than one size is to see which ways they are comfortable , ie w/ flats, pointe shoes, or just socks and decide what to keep based on what feels best.

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Hi there,

Has anyone ordered bbooties from their web-site? How do they compare in quality to the bloch ones? Never actually seen a pair, on the website the elastic and toggle look a tiny bit flimsy. Thanks


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If your dd actually wants to wear them to class I suggest maybe sticking with the Bloch ones as the soles on some the Bbooties look quite stiff. My dd has actually done part of a barre in her Bloch ones as she was in a particularly cold studio at the time and wanted to be properly warm!

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