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Adult Ballet Class - North Carolina


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I'm looking for adult beginner classes in the Nash county area, particularly anything that's within a 30 min drive of Red Oak or Rocky Mount. I am willing to take a class with younger students (I'm 24), but I'd prefer something for adults.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, commonfish!!!!


I'm sure someone around here can point you in the right direction.

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Are you willing to get to Raleigh? If so, I can get a few studio names for you. I go to a studio in Chapel Hill that is frequented by adults from as far as Raleigh and Greensboro -- I know that's a drive for you, but I think they offer the best adult instruction around... even if you could only come once a month or so, it might be nice.

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Raleigh is a bit too far to do much more than one or two lessons there a month, and with the horse show season coming up, I doubt I'll be able to do that. I may be able to go out towards Greenville, as I'm hoping to take a new job there, so that might be better location wise. I guess it really comes down to time commitments, quality for instruction, and lastly price. I'd rather drive a bit longer to get better instruction, but I have to be realist with myself. Even if the best instruction is in Raleigh, I just can't afford to drive there once or twice a week (time or money wise). I would love to think that one day I will be strong enough and have the ability to rise to pointe, so I think I'm in for class a bit more than just once a week...

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Totally understood. I can't help in that direction, but there are many other nc folks around this board.... Hopefully they'll pop in after the weekend. Good luck!!!

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Well since it seems that my neck of the woods is rather depleted of good dance instruction, I think I'm going to have to reconsider my location. Perhaps a studio towards Raleigh a bit? Wake Forest/ Knightdale/Zebulon? Or, even a very good studio in Raleigh, though I do hate having to drive in capital traffic.


So far, this studio seems to be the front runner in my search, though I have yet to actually contact them. http://www.destinydanceinstitute.com/our-facility/ Has anybody got any experience with them, or another recommendation? They are really further than I would like to travel, but it seems most studios that are close by are just... I believe you call them Dolly Dinkle schools or some such.

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Any recommendations on open ballet classes in the summer (including August)? We will be in the Charlotte area this summer. It looks like Charlotte Ballet only holds a few during the week for their fall/winter schedule, so I wasn't sure how much they'd offer in the summer.

If anyone could point me in the direction of a good pre-pro ballet studio with a full schedule of open ballet classes, I'd appreciate it!

Thank you!

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Open Door Studios probably has the largest selection of adult and teen open classes year round. They have open classes for beginners and for advanced students. You can check out their current schedule online. The schedule may change slightly during summer, but most of their teachers teach year round. If anything, they actually add more open classes during summer, as some of the classes that are reserved for their students during the year are opened up to everyone during the summer. This studio has a mix of recreational and pre-pro students, as they have programs for both, and they are also popular with adults and retired dancers. All of the classes listed on their Adult schedule are open for drop-ins.


In the past, Charlotte Ballet has done mostly beginner and intermediate open classes, but during the beginning of the summer and at the very end of the summer they will usually offer a couple of weeks of intermediate/advanced classes, to help their year round students stay in shape before and after summer intensives. These are open to the community. They usually don't post the info for these on their schedule until the week or so prior. If you are in town and interested in those classes, you may want to call and inquire, or keep checking the online schedule for updates.


Let me know if you have any questions!

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