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Muscle pain


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This is going to be a boring question, but I have to ask. I have this pain at the point where my (excuse the unladylike term) butt meets my thigh. Its quite tender.

It hurts when I sit down, and when I walk, and when I stretch, or lean forward in a sitting position.

Do I need to sit on an ice block? as I can't really put a support on it, and I'm not rubbing BenGay anywhere near there:eek:

Do you know what it is? I guess I have overstretched a muscle, although I have no memory of when I did this. I was just wondering what muscle is it and if it will go away at all? or if it is serious and I should go and see my doctor yet again! I swear she is going think I am a hyperchondriac!





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Not sure, Jeanette. Try the ice for a couple of days and see if it goes away. If not, then off to the doc. Could be the top of one of the hamstrings, but hard to know.

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