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Arms or Legs?


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I know your whole body is important in ballet, if you had to pick what would be more important your upper or lower body? The reason I ask is that i quite often get complements in class about my feet and legs but at my old school one of my teachers always said that your arms are the most important part of your body because when someone who didn't no anything about ballet watched you dance they would always look at your arms, is this true? I actually have been trying to improve on my upper body as it is the weaker of the two, is there any exercises that i could do at home that would help my upper body posture and my port de bras(other than just practicing them)?

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Bambiee, there is really no way to separate and make one area more important. It is simply not true that the upper body is more important or the lower half more important. If they are not coordinated and working equally well then the dancer is not a well trained dancer. The only answer is practice, and then practice, and then more practice. Obviously, more practice on the weaker areas. But there are no specific exercises and no magic pills. Watch videos of top professional dancers. Watch the best dancers in your school. Go to performances. Look at photos. STUDY ballet! And then practice some more. :D

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I know cross training helps a lot too. Especially to work on core. Such as swimming and yoga help and are the best for a dancer to do that isn't hard on the body as say running is. And it works all parts of the body!

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I agree with Ms. Leigh; while certain styles may put a bit more emphasis on one of them, at the end of the day, they both contribute equally to dance. :)

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