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Adult Ballet Classes - Northwest England


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Hello everyone,


I am just posting to see if anyone goes to classes in the Northwest of England and what their experience of the classes have been.



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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Brightsideoflife.


Your best places to start are the various Dance Agencies: publicy-funded organisations who's task is to promote dance in the community. There are Agencies in Lancaster (Ludus), Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester.


I used to go to Ludus Dance -- a lovely friendly studio with excellent teachers.



There's also the Hammond School in/near Chester, and there was recently a post with good recommendations for Manchester. If you do a search of this forum, you'll find quite a few personal recommendations.


Edited to add: Dance Agencies are not agents for paid work. Different thing altogether.

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Thankyou, I know that The Hammond school is now only for their own internal students I shall have a look for the others

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I'm 'guilty' of the recent post described by Redbookish!


KNT danceworks have classes at the northern ballet school. As a beginner (or returning after 20yrs from a starting point of "good toes, naughty toes!") I'm very much enjoying it. :)

I'm not really qualified to comment on the more advanced classes, but others seem to think well of them.



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Not guilty at all, doormouse! Very very useful. And thanks for posting the link. It was great to look at the videos of performers.

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Thankyou again, Manchester takes about an hour or more to get to but the classes are very good. It would be great if they did a summer camp for adults of all abilities that would be great

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I go to classes in Warrington. They are great. I also know of classes in Liverpool. Where abouts are you?

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Hi Dancer13. You're new, I think, so welcome to the adult dancers section of BT4D. Do the classes you attend have adults mixed in with the teenagers? Does your school run separate adult & children's classes? This would be useful for us to know, as sometimes, the arrangements for adult students and teens are quite different.

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Hey, well in my current school you can do private lessons or go in to a graded class with teenagers and take the grades with them if you wish. I also know of another school who have a adults only class for fun. So either really!

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