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Polina Semionova leaves Staatsballett Berlin


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Yeah, I had also been following the speculation on tanznetz.de about this, wondering when it would be official.


Too bad for Berlin, but actually quite understandable that she wants to have more freedom to do other things.



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Here is the Google translation to English:


First solo dancer Polina Semionova leaves Berlin State Ballet


Berlin, 7 March 2012 --- Semionova Polina, first soloist of the Berlin State Ballet, has asked the director of the Berlin State Ballet therefore, be premature to end the current season, released from their current, already extended contract until summer 2013. With regret, can go Vladimir Malakhov, artistic director of the Berlin State Ballet, Polina Semionova. Still, he respected and the Berlin State Ballet this step.


Vladimir Malakhov Polina has Semionova at the ballet school of the Bolshoi Theatre discovered and realized that it is to her an exceptionally talented dancer. He hired her at the age of 17 years after the first solo dancer in Berlin.

Since its first season, 2002 | 03 promoted the artistic development of Malakhov Polina Semionova and gave her the opportunity to fully develop their talents to bring, by their very early in the big title roles in the repertoire, such as Odette / Odile and Tatiana entrusted, and guest choreographers made ​​aware of them. His worldwide connections as a star dancer Polina Semionova opened at a very early stage, the doors to an international career that she developed successfully.

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