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Latest batch of Bal Togs falling apart?


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My son's been wearing Bal Togs for the last couple of years and has been pretty happy with them. But I ordered several new pair back in November (they shipped in early January), and they're coming apart at the seams. There are big holes around every stitch. Has anyone else has this happen?


I've sent an email to the company where I ordered them.


And depending on how they handle this, I guess I need a new recommendation for footed tights that will fit a skinny boy who's just under 5' tall. He has a pair of Body Wrappers, but he doesn't like the shiny texture and they're too wide in the thighs and waist. He's had M Stevens in the past, when he just needed shorts... Anywhere else to look?

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Our only experience with Bal Togs have been as hand-me-downs from an older boy. These have all fell aprt at the seams, but probably just because they were used when we got them.


My son is 5'1" and very thin. He really likes the Harmony tights. He actually wears an adult small in that brand, which is kind of weird because normally adult sizes are much too big. It's simply the brand that our local dance store keeps in stock, but he does like them a lot.

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My son is about 4'10" and skinny- he wears Capezios Adult Small, and they seem to last forever (dancing 5-6 days/week). He will only wear the thick type- I guess you have to shop around for tights until you find the kind you like.

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