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Boy to Man issues


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My 16 yo son is mature for his age and has been dancing for 8 years and loves it. But he is getting worried about his looks and the fact he has hair every where. So he has been wearing lose clothes over his regular dance attire while in class. Also he has been chosen to be a lead in a up comming show and has to wear white tights.He bought some the other day and tried them on and he said he could see hairs through his tights. He also has chest hair and alot of leg hairs


Is there any parents out there that have older sons that can give some advice or sugestions on this issue.

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As a teacher (and parent of 3 boys) if they are very hairy they do have to shave. My youngest was a swimmer and of course they all shave for competitions; now even as an adult male (no more dance or swim) he trims his very hairy chest, legs and arms on a regular basis.....

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Check out that thread. There are recommendations in there of doubling up on tights, trimming leg hair, and shaving!


And welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, by the way!

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