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A day in the Life of The Royal Ballet


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Will the streaming be at that link? (I didn't have time to watch the video to see if it says there... :angelnot: )

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Looks really fascinating - thanks for posting

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This sounds really interesting. The preview does not say where the link will be for the streaming. If anyone has more information please share!

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Wait a minute. If the streaming starts at 10:30, is that British time? Does that mean that it really starts at 5:30 in the morning EST?

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If you click the link to Royal Opera House, it has a count down clock. Right now (10:15pm EST), it says 8 hours 15 minutes to the Live Stream.

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Thank you so much, SewRibbons and moddydave! I'm not getting up at 6:30, but there's a rehearsal at 8:00 that interests me that I would have otherwise missed.


There are so many advantages to being homeschooled....:D

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And for those who missed the live stream, here are the highlights, courtesy of the Guardian (we are very very lucky in the UK to have newspapers that are still very high quality).







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Thank you, Redbookish.

I was able to catch parts of this, including the Alice in Wonderland rehearsal. I have been wondering if there was any press regarding Beatrice's Alice debut? I just wondered how it turned out for her.

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