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Well I am in LOVE with ballet it is the only thing I want to do.... The problem is I live in a small town with dance classes limited I want to go to a dance studio only 45 minutes from where I live I would take classes almost every night there and I would do homework in the car or I am trying to talk to them about online classes ( any suggestions on that) I want to train extra this year because I am wanting to audition for Harid Conservatory SI Anything will help.....

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forgot to mention my parents aren't really on board with all of the classes and me auditioning they don't understand it is the only thing I want to do

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PersonalMessenger, I understand your dilemma, but without parental support it is a very difficult situation. We have a lot of topics on the board about this kind of situation, so you might search through the older threads on this forum for some thoughts on it. There are also quite a few threads on homeschooling, both in the YD and in the Parents forums.


Have you talked to your current teacher about the fact that you would like to study more seriously? If so, has he or she encouraged you in your desire to do this? Is it thought that you have the physical facility as well as the desire to go further, and if so, does the teacher support your wanting to do this? If so, having the teacher talk to your parents could help.


Another thing that might help would be to get one of your parents on this board. The parents forums are excellent, and there is so much to be learned there by parents who are not knowledgeable about ballet and the kind of training it takes to develop a dancer.


I would like to ask you to please read our Policies and Rules, which include using punctuation in your sentences so that one can read the posts and understand them. We ask for attention to correct English for your own benefit, but also because we have many, many members from all over the world, and they speak English as a second language. Posts without capitalization and/or punctuation are difficult to read.


Thank you! :)

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