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Does the Rock ever offer scholarships for room/board?

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My DD just received an offer to go to Rock's yr round pre-pro training. She's going to the SI for 5 wks. She's 17 and will be a senior. Not sure what to do. Big changes academically and pricey and we live in CA.... Help!

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Im 15 and I was just offered a spot at the year round program as well! I will be 16 during the school year and will be a senior because I am a year ahead academically. I am going to the summer program for the full six weeks and am strongly considering staying for the year :clapping: I am from California as well so it will be a big change but I have heard amazing things about the rock school and can't wait for the summer program!

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Oh hey it's Em! You have advised me and others on the Rock SI - thank you. Congratulations on the offer. Would you stay at the dorms or are you considering an appartment?

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I would definitely stay at the dorms since they're so close to the studio. And thank you by the way congrats to your daughter as well!

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Has the SI started yet? Did you express an interest that you wanted to stay year round?

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The summer intensive starts on monday June 30th and when I auditioned in January I also auditioned for the year round program.

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SI starts next Monday June 30, check in Sunday. We marked the box on the SI audition form for interest in year round program, and paid, I think, $10-20 more than the regular audition fee. They just now notified us that she was accepted.

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Is scholarship opportunity equal in both live and video auditions? Or is the money for scholarships generally limited to live auditions? I am referring to the year round program

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If you stay in the dorms for year round, do you have to do their academic program? Or can you use your own separate program?

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Maplebunny, you must take part in their academic program, although you can decide to what level you want to participate.

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