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My son submitted a video for the full-time Fall residence program. I have a few questions:


1) I notice that they have 16 apartments - how many students are in each apartment? Roughly, how many girls and how many boys reside there?


2) Do most of the student compete in YAGP?


3) How many performances do the students have per year?


4) How many 14 and 15 year old boys resided there last year?


5) Where did the graduates land this past year?



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I can answer a few bits and pieces for you, boydancermom :)


2. Yes, majority do compete in YAGP. Most participate in Philly, but others travel to other regionals.


3. I know they do Nutcracker and their Spring Show, but I think they do quite a few local community performances as well.


5. I know one will be at Charlotte Ballet, another at Dutch National Ballet School, and another is returning to train at the Rock School. I am not sure where the other two landed.

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Thanks Carlyeeeee - greatly appreciate the answers.

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We are headed there in 1.5 weeks for a tour / in person audition - just wondering if there are any parents of boys on this board? I have a few questions about the men's program at the Rock. Thanks!

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Hope his audition went well. I went and was sadly waitlisted, but I have (hopefully, if all works out as planned!) found another school that feels a little more "right" for me!

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Thanks Carlyeeeee,


Both my son and I really liked the Rock. He decided to wait a year until he's 15 before going away.


What school did you decide on?

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Please remember this is a dedicated thread for The Rock School and posters are encouraged to maintain their cyber anonymity as much as possible.

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Hello! Can anyone share what The Rock School's expectation is regarding summer intensive? Do they expect a dancer to attend their SI or do they encourage and/or support students attending other SIs? Does a dancer need to audition again if they dance elsewhere for the summer? Thank you!

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When I toured and auditioned, they said they (The Rock School) requires a dancer to spend at least 1 summer (5 wk) at the Rock. It can be either before or after their first year doing year round. I think they do expect the students to attend a summer intensives. A lot of the dancers are well supported after they have met their required summer. I know a lot of them go to various intensives and a lot come back for their 1 week in August.

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The expectation is that year-round students will attend at least one summer at Rock, but exceptions are made. My dd received the directors' blessing to attend another summer program, because they highly regard it, and she received a generous scholarship.

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Wondering if folks know generally how many spaces in the dorms there are? And when spaces fill up? Do they generally fill up in June or can people get space as late as mid July or early August?

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