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Yes, they accept a lot of people from the summer intensive.


I know that a lot of students who attend the summer program and decide to go for the year round sign up late July early August, so yes I think you can get spaces at that time.

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I went for a tour a couple weeks ago and because of the cost of the program ($38,000) we decided to look into other apartments and schooling situations. Does anyone know if they allow students to do other schooling if they are the full day students but living independently from The Rock? If so please let me know!

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As of 18 months ago they allowed students to choose their program. You won't get assistance or the school room to work in, but a lot of dancers would use the cafeteria or a sofa to work. The dorms are across the street at the Marine Club. As you probably saw, the Marine Club is a condo building and Rock has floors sectioned off for their dorm space. I know that plenty of older teens would get together and rent a condo independent of the Rock school or even rent a place in a different location with or without a parent. I believe you can then also opt out of the meal plan. 

This decision working really depends on the age and maturity of the dancer and whether they will live alone, with roommates or a parent.


You may want to verify that my information is still current.

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I'm not familiar. We live nearby and did not have to dorm. Once in a while we would be a host family for SI and international dancers who needed a week or two to get their visa requirements together. There is a network of parents. I'm still friends with some parents who are still there, though they are also commuters.

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I was wondering if anyone is considering The Rock School for year round, 2018-2019 year, I am in need of a roommate since i'm not staying in the dorms and since the school can't pair roommates, I was hoping to find one on here somehow. Please let me know!

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On 10/20/2014 at 5:19 PM, ckmerr said:

 My DD was there for the last 4 years and did not participate at all in the RAPA program or even use Keystone for her online learning. We were completely independent and it worked out just fine.


Are you able to share which program your DD used?


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She used Laurel Springs School. It is a private, online school. My DD attended a very academically challenging private school and I was looking for something as close to that as I could get. Not everyone ends up dancing professionally and I wanted her chances to get into a top university to remain the same. We were  very pleased. Most selective colleges (and even some that aren't that rigorous) require high school science classes that have labs. Most cyber schools do not offer that, in fact Laurel Springs may have been the only one that did. At any rate, we were able to essentially follow the same curriculum that she would have had at her private high school. Keystone was not able to provide that. They also participate and have a chapter of the National Honor Society, so DD was able to be a part of that as well. She was able to call or email teachers if she needed help and they were responsive. In my experience, kids who have been dancing their whole lives, for the most part, are mature, disciplined and independent and can do okay without someone standing over them everyday. Good luck with your school decision and merde to your DK in all endeavors!

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thank you so much for getting back to me and for the helpful information:) 

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Little Pointe Bird


 When your DD went to The Rock School did she live off campus? It seems that you have to use the Keystone if you live on campus at The Rock School. It's the one deterrent for me. But she's only 14 so also not ready to live off campus with roommates either.

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No, she lived in the dorm with the rest of the kids. They did not provide any kind of educational support, which I wouldn't expect as I wasn't paying for their program. My DD would get up early with the Keystone kids and she would do her work herself, while they were doing theirs. The Keystone program did  not offer the level of education for which we were looking. It would be fine if you were going to definitely pursue dance or were maybe going to go to an non-competitive college, but the more competitive colleges require science courses that have labs...Keystone did not offer that. Also all of her exams were required to be proctored. My DD reported that a lot of cheating went on among the students . You can get away with that for a long time, but eventually if you're going to college it will be reflected in your SAT scores. She scored significantly higher than her peers on the  SAT, which was good, as after junior year, she decided that she wanted to stop dancing and study Business in college. She was accepted at UVA, which is one of the top 3 undergraduate business programs in the country and has a very competitive admissions process. 

I would just say we are using a different program. Why would they care where she goes to high school...unless it's just a money grab.

I hope that helps. Good luck with the decisions you need to make and merde to your DD in all of her endeavors.

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Little Pointe Bird

Thanks for the insight. I'll call and clarify but when I spoke to someone over the summer I was told you couldn't be registered for an outside academic program if you did residential. That baffled me as well but I assumed it was just the structure. I wonder if this is a new rule.

When we researched tutorials, Keystone wasn't rigorous enough. We considered Laurel Springs, great program but selected another that felt similar in expectations and offerings.

Thanks again.

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We left 5 years ago, so things could have changed...but I would at least ask the question: Why does it matter where my DD goes to school?....again, the only possible reason is that they are making money from the Keystone program...which is sad if that is the case. It's  dancing program, the emphasis should be on the dance. It's great that they offer academics, but if someone wants something better, they should be able to make that choice.  And I would speak directly with Bo or Stephanie about this issue.....not just secretarial or administrative staff. Let them know your heart, your concerns. ...You want your DD to train at this great place, but you have concerns about the academics and chose another option....just be real and honest. You might get further with them, because ultimately, they make the rules. I also had some extenuating circumstances, so maybe they gave me a pass....just talk to them...but speak directly with the directors. Again, good luck to you. Rock does have excellent dance training...my DD grew SO much there. Best of luck!

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Little Pointe Bird

I'll do that. My DD enjoyed the SI and I think would thrive there. 

Thanks so much!


ETA: After a few conversations with the school, they've indicated that they don't allow any other school options outside of their offerings. I was told that it's too hard to proctor students if they're not using one of the offered options. So for anyone who would want to bring their own academic program, the student would not be able to live in the dorms.

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Anybody know how much the academics are without the room and board? Anybody looking for a roommmate that is living independently from the Rock School?

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