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Little Pointe Bird

Anyaaa, the academics cost depends on which program you select. They offer two. The less expensive was $11k. 

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Hi there ladies & gents...  My DD17 has just been notified that she has secured a spot for the Full Time program 2019/2020.  We are international and I am very very confused... She has been in a residential ballet school the past 2 yrs in USA and feels it is time for a change for her Senior Year.  

Could I please get info on the school, academics & residence.. I shall ring the school in the next day or two,  (due to time differences it will be middle of the night here) and I like to know a little more about the school before I speak with staff there... 

Thanks so much in Advance. :) :) 

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We toured the school about three years ago and connected with the Academic program. At that time they were using the Keystone Curriculum.  The kids had class time from 8-10 in the morning, then ballet, then lunch and then a period in the afternoon that could be used for academics or rehearsal.  Rock school does competitions, particularly YAGP.  They also have a nutcracker. The kids did their online schooling in a room together.  I liked that academic adviser.   He had a Ph D and was personable.  I liked the school directors.  THey seemed to really care about that kids.  We had a meeting with them. I liked that many of their students secure full time professional jobs. 

Students were required to be with at least 3 other students any time they ventured beyond dorm or studio. I thought that was restrictive. 

The dorm seemed nice and the supervision adequate. I thought that there was a good culture. 

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Congratulations! The training is very, very good here & their “graduates” usually secure professional jobs.

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Any updates on this program from the 2019-2020 school year? I know Covid has changed things, especially for 2020-2021. Looking for class size information pre-Covid for level 6. I’ll be contacting the school after break but just trying to do a bit of research ahead of time so I know what questions to ask. Thanks!

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Quiet here but we've gone ahead and registered my dancer for the upcoming season - 2021-2022. She will also be there for 6 weeks this summer.

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Can someone who is familiar with The Rock and the area give information about the best hotel/hotels in the area?  I can look at them on google maps, but never having been there before, I don’t know which has the easiest walk to The Rock, is close to a nice area to walk around and eat in, etc.

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