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Okey dokey... just got back home from my audition today and decided to give some feedback if anyone else wanted information.


We met Alison Staplin in the lobby of the Rock school around 8:15. We walked over to the Marine Club and saw the dorms, talked about the academics, etc. Had a tour and the building is quite lovely. We went over and had a technique class at 11:00 with Christopher Flemming. Hadn't had him last summer and WHOA!!!! Everything was very fast paced and precise. We did barre in flat shoes and put our pointe shoes on for center. Then we went and had a thirty minute pointe class with Natasha Bar. That class was more what I was used to and went far better for me. We then went into an empty studio with the Spassoffs. They told us how we were auditioning rather late in the season and there was a waiting list of 20 or more dancers. She gave me specific corrections to work on and recommendations on how to fix them. That was about it really.


The RAPA program was very impressive to me. The Spassoffs were very friendly and inspiring (as they always are) and I am now just waiting to hear back. Ought to be interesting seeing as how I basically slaughtered my technique class. :D:sweating:


I'm done.

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Good luck on getting into R.A.P.A! I went to the Rock in 2002 and 2003 for the summer and I loved the Spassoffs!!! They were my favorite teachers. I also have a lot of friends at R.A.P.A. this year so I wonder if you took class with them?

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Nycbdancer, thanks so much for taking the time to give us feedback on your audition/interview experience at The Rock. It sounds as though things went well and that overall you felt it was a very positive experience. :D

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Oh I had a great time and loved everything there. Partway through center though, my shoe went funky in the middle of a turn, my toe cracked really loud, and it now feels like it's broken, 11 hours later. Eep

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Does anyone know if the Rock School benefit on May 6 is a performance? I would love to see the RAPA students perform.

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Yes, it is a performance. I think if you call the school office, you can find out about tickets. Its their fundraiser for the outreach programs and scholarships.

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Okey dokey... got my letter back from Rock today. I got waitlisted and wait listers begin to get notified by June 29, I believe. There was a waitlist before I auditioned and I knew that going in, so I'm not all crushed or anything. I'm actually quite proud considering I should have been kicked out of ballet for my performance there. :D

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Sorry I didn't answer you sooner. We were on vacation and just now catching up. Yes, my daughter will attend the Rock again this fall. She had a great year last year and is looking forward to going back. She really feels she gained a tremendous amount over the last year.



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Glad to hear it, my daughter is also going this fall for the first time. I would love to ask you specific questions. Can I PM you or contact you by e-mail?




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