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We are considering the Rock school for my dd. She has danced for five to six years and progressed well. She has rec'd all she can from her present school. . .it is time to move on. Any cheerleaders or naysayers out there who want to weigh in? Here are a few of the details: she has been homeschooled for the past several years, is a level six dancer on pointe for the past two to three years, she makes friends easily and enjoys helping others (she hopes to teach dance one day. . .). I am open to anything you have to tell me. Thanks.

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I went to the rock for the summer program and was offered a spot to attend the RAPA program but was unable to go. but two of my friends are there and they say it is amazing they love the classes. if you want to know anything else you can ask.

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DD is not in the RAPA program (she is looking at it for next year). DD is at Rock year round now. The RAPA kids are really close and a good group of kids. I love spending time around them. The training is very good and intense. There are numerous opportunities to perform.


The academics....Allison Staplin the academic dean is wonderful and very approachable. The program that the school uses is Keystone on-line high school. It has a variety of courses including honors and AP if your dd is a brainiac.


If you are seriously considering the program, I would recommend that you talk to Allison and visit for a day, audition and take a look.


Is your dd considering Rock for SI to see if she likes the teachers? My dd loves every one of the teachers but I think everyone needs to see for themselves. Their audition tour is over but I'll bet you could audition for both if you visit soon.

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Thanks for the reply. . .my dd is auditioning in the near future. We'll have to arrange another visit to meet with Allison. Time is short on this visit.




I'm glad to hear there are numerous performance opportunities. I think that helps the students grow and develop.




Has your daughter felt like an 'outsider' since she is not a RAPA member? Thanks.








duhitsnicolette -- thanks for your feedback, too. Why didn't you decide to accept the invitiation?

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DD is not a high schooler yet; that is why she is not in RAPA. Still, DD feels very close to the RAPA kids. She has been in performances with them and trained for YAGP with them so she has spent a good deal of time with the kids. They hug and talk during brief breaks, they seek each other out, they even asked DD to go with them to a SI audition and the Bolshoi ballet in Washington. From my perspective, I think it's pretty neat that high school kids are so accepting of a rising freshman.


The RAPA kids are a tight knit bunch but not like you think of with cliques. I think they are so close because they spend so much time together and share the same passion of ballet. I also think they are close because they are expected to be kind to one another. Bo and Stephanie expect kind and gracious behavior. They model this behavior consistently and the kids support each other even as they compete with each other. The kids seem to accept each other (and they are a diverse bunch) because they are all working so hard and share the same dreams.

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Could someone elaborate a little more regarding what types of dance classes are given during the week.? Any modern or Jazz for example? Also, could anyone comment on having attended a different residential program, that now attends The Rock? ( comment on positive or neg. differences). Thanks.

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Also, could anyone comment on having attended a different residential program, that now attends The Rock? ( comment on positive or neg. differences). Thanks.


Happy, it is our policy here on BT4D not to make direct comparisons of the various programs. There are simply too many variables among the individual's needs, personalities, exact place in training, temperament, etc, etc that would go into such an evaluation.


What we DO offer is first-hand experiences of dancers and their parents, questions and answers pertaining to the individual programs---each in their own dedicated threads, arranged alphabetically in this forum. Sometimes additional insight might be gleaned from reviewing the concomitant SI threads for the programs.


We leave it up to each dancer and parent to review the empirical information and anecdotal information we collect here, consider it in terms of their own family's needs, circumstances, their own dancer's needs, circumstances, situations, temperament, training needs, limitations, desires, aspirations, etc, etc, to reach their own comparisons and conclusions.


Thanks for understanding.


Please do not hesitate to post any specific questions regarding the various programs that you may have on the appropriate school's thread. :)

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My DD has been accepted into the Rock for the upcoming fall. We are so proud of her.




We are looking for help in finding an apartment near the school. Can anyone with experience at the Rock give us some help? Thanks.

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Sorry Dancemaven. :blushing: I will try to rephrase my question, however because this is the only thread I can see in the Preprofessional Schools/Residence Programs pertaining to The Rock, I will post it here and please feel free to move it to a better thread. :blushing: Can anyone elaborate in more detail the daily class schedule in the "year round program"? ( not the SI) Where and how much do the other dance forms such as modern, jazz, character, etc., fit into this schedule? Thank-you.

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Happy - when DS toured there last year, he was told that there was no character. Modern or jazz was once a week (it was only one or the other) and partnering, from what we were told, was on Saturday only. No one gave us an exact schedule - they had Nutcracker rehearsals and couldn't meet with us in person following the audition. There used to be a schedule on their website but I get a "page not found" error. If I recall, academics met from 8 - 10, then they went across the street for a technique class. The males were separate from the females. After that, the boys did repertoire - not sure what the girls did. Then it was lunch time. Later in the day there was another technique class. Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in soon - but at least you have something to work with.

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