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Any suggestions on guessing the right ballet shoe size for teen boy. Have to drive to city (over an hour away) in hopes the dance stores are open when I get there. Then half the time they don't have his size, they can special order (but I have to pre-pay) or order online. My problem is how do you know what size? In canvas he wears a 17 narrow (Sancha), but they aren't narrow enough. I think his best fit were a pair of leather 18 narrow (Capzio), but his teacher doesn't want him to wear leather. It doesn't seem like they even make his size. Suggestions?

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Have you tried ordering online? You could try ordering a couple of sizes and then returning the ones that don't fit. I have the same experience every time we go to the store - they don't have the right size and have to order it anyway.


All About Dance has a mens' section (this should be a link to the mens' shoes). it looks like they have both Sansha and Capezio canvas shoes, with the Capezio in larger sizes.




Good luck!


(edited to fix the link)

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Did you try Tutu.com ? I know you said the Sansha's don't fit, but could he wear Grishkos?

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Fuzi's canvas and leather ballet slippers tend to flatter narrow feet. Here is a like to his website:


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He might like them. Many professional male dancers wear them and love them. I have 6 or 7 guys in our company right now who do!

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I'm not intending to hijack Dawcett's line of questioning, but Clara76, you seem to have an inside track on boys' shoes! My son is the opposite of Dawcett's son...he has wide feet and is currently in a Sansha size 18. He is looking for a more flattering, arch hugging shoe. I see that the Grishkos come in wide, but would you recommend their leather or their canvas? We have been searching for the new "stretch canvas" shoes (Capezio) but they don't come in a large enough size.


Thank you for your help!

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I like the Grishko canvas. Have him check out Fuzis because they do come in wides and will fit up to a US 16. The Sansha Silhouette is a very nice shoe. Russian Pointe makes gorgeous ballet slippers, but only up to a men's US 14 street. Some of my men with more ample feet wear So Danca, but the largest size in So Danca will only fit a US 12 mens.


Unfortunately, Sansha seems to be the only manufacturer making shoes for men with larger feet.

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Hi Clara76 and the other moms,

My son's favorite ballet slippers are the canvas split sole Bloch's, but I just found out they are being discontinued. He likes them better than the Fuzi's, which his studio stocks and sells on site. We bought up the last of the Bloch's that backbaydance could get from Bloch, but then will need to try a replacement after that. He wears a 9C now and we bought the 9.5Cs that they had too.


Any ideas on what we should try next?




I would say try the Bloch's - because they have wider widths. But they are discontinuing them, and not sure how the size translates (the bloch's go up to size 11)

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The Boch SO277M is still being made, so perhaps have him try that? It goes up to an 11.5 in widths A, B, C, & D

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Thanks for this informative forum! I contacted a local store that carries the Russian Pointe Shoe line. Unfortunately, they don't stock the larger men's sizes, they only place orders for male dancer's shoes (for dancers who already know their correct size). The "shoe person" told me she would check her order books for companies that carry US size 13/14 and get back to me. I'll share here when I hear back from her if she has any other brands than what are mentioned above.


I guess the key is for our DS's to become famous dancers...then people will be calling THEM to wear their brand of shoes!

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In a pinch I have had his feet traced by our studio owner and then MAILED it, (not fax it bc it distorts the outline) to our big Ballet School NBS (the Shoe Room )


They have professional fitters there and we have always had a great fit when we have done this.


Personal fittings are always ideal, but its a 6 hour round trip for us and no one around here sells boys white canvas split soles.

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The Boch SO277M is still being made, so perhaps have him try that? It goes up to an 11.5 in widths A, B, C, & D


Thanks Clara. We bought ourselves some time - found 4 pairs in his current size, 3 pairs in the next size up. But I'll be back here to remember your recommendation when we burn through, or outgrow this batch!

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