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Ballet shoes for boys


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ACK. My sons needed new ballet shoes and not ONE of our local stores had ANY in the larger sizes and they werennt ordering anymore bc comp season is over and he needed them literally that night, so no time to get to The Shoe Room.



My son ended up with a pair of Fizzions (sp?) by Capezio and he LOVES them.


We also ordered a pair of white split sole Romeos for his exam ($180 in shoes this week). I.

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Couldn't find brands you guys mention, but ended up with Russian Pointe black canvas. 45 B. perfect fit. They're great. I recommend them for anyone else who has a DS with skinny feet..

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Is my son the only one that prefers leather? He used to wear the canvas, but they wore out so fast. He tried the leather and he loves them. Me not having to sew the straps is another plus.

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My ds is in love with the Capezio Sculpture II shoes. It's a stretchy canvas that is sculpted around the arch making it very form-fitting. Plus, the crossed elastic straps come pre-sewn (yeah!).

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Some teachers feel that leather makes the foot work more, others feel that canvas is better on Marley floors. :)

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Finding the right shoe is difficult at best with much depending on how particular you want the fit to be. Best advice I have is to find a store that is willing to pre-order various sizes, models, and brands prior to arrival. Have found that there can be variation in fit even with same size, model, and brand.


Luckily I have found a store willing to pre-order with no obligation.

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The other thing is to support the stores that actually stock boys/mens shoes and apparel. We have one store in this area that keeps a rack or two of men/boys clothing and always has shoes in stock for my son. We've changed studios so this store is well out of our way now; but you can be sure I still always take my business to them! The much more convenient store once took six weeks to get a pair of ballet slippers in for my son's not-unusually-sized feet!

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After a summer of trying different shoes (and waiting for backorders to come in), my DS with the (street) size 13 wide feet has decided that the Grishkos canvas in a 12.5 are the magic shoe! Stretch canvas with the elastic in the arch of the foot means that when your dancer bends his foot, the shoe "snugs up" against the arch, flattering the curve of the foot.


(also tried the So Danca, Sancha...these were the only shoes we could find in his size)

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I know these arent the typically worn shoe, but my son has started wearing the Capezio Fusion ones, and he loves them. He says he can feel the floor better in them.

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My son tried on Capezio canvas Romeo at the Capezio store in NYC and he feels they will work. He's a size 11.5M in this shoe (2012A) - which is a comparable size to the 9.5C he was wearing in the Bloch canvas split sole. Still have the other Bloch shoe that Clara mentioned as an option too.

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I've heard they are discontinuing the Romeo.....:shrug:

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