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Ballet shoes for boys


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Well, if you check Capezio's website- not other retailers who happen to sell Capezio products- the Romeo is gone from the line-up :shrug:

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No, you're correct bflo- I was told they are being discontinued by someone in the shoe industry :shrug: I swear they weren't on that website when I looked at it....

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Sorry, I miss posted. Its the Fizzion, not Fusion.




My sons teacher allows him to wear them in ballet class. We cant do exams in them bc they want the white ballet shoe for exams. But classes he does in these shoes.


I just checked out the link-- a very interesting shoe! I really don't think ds's ballet teacher would go for it. Maybe for jazz.

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Thats what our dance teacher said at first, she is an Irishh dancer. But its only the top of the shoe that is reminiscient. The bottom looks like foot undeez, with seperate patches for toes, ball of foot and heel. The rest of the bottom is a stretch material that is thin enough to feel the floor.

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