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Ankle socks?


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I so appreciate someone explaining the socks..... and where on the shoe to sew the elastics. I've been at this a couple years now but still mainly feel lost in the wilderness.

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We also buy socks in the women's sections of Target, Kohls, etc... Sometimes, depending on the season, I have had to get "sock liners" from the sporting goods store. I think they are for wearing under thick wool hiking socks so they are thin but absorbent. My DS wears a men's 10.5 street shoe and likes the socks as thin as possible.

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I presume it's just a matter of taste- my DS dances 5 hrs a day 6 days a week and has always worn ordinary cotton socks from a discount shop (in the UK) which are around £3 for 10 pairs. Neither he nor his ballet teacher have ever complained, and it means it doesn't matter that they don't wash to dynamite white or that he often loses them (he washes his own clothes when at school)- we just buy another batch...

Now I feel like a baaaad mother for making him wear substandard gear! On the other hand his split soles are grishkos so no expense spared. I am just thankful he's a boy and I don't have the expense of pointe shoes since even the flats only last half a term....

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For boys under size 7 shoe, I strongly recommend girls bobbie socks. Been using these for the past 5 years in combination with footless leggings. Very inexpensive at 10 pairs for under $7.00 last I purchased. My only comment for Sansha socks, while excellent, were to big for my DS feet and since my DS wore them under footless leggings they tended to get bunched up.

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ByTheLake: Thank you for using the word "sock liners" in your post! A search of that term helped me find thin socks for my 6'4, shoe size 13 wide DS! He has been looking for thin white socks for years and, obviously, he cannot wear girls socks with his giant feet! I found a number of sock liner options (they apparently are used under wool socks for hunters, fishermen, etc) online and settled on some sock liners from REI. They even come in giant sizes! While most dancers may not need to use this option, I thought I would put it out there for those male dancers with size 11+ shoe size feet that are looking for thin white socks.

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Thank you tropicfive. My son has big feet, too. He wears size 18 Sansha slippers and I can't find socks anywhere to fit him. I'll try searchng sock liners.

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1boy1girldancer: that's what size my son wears...go to REI and search sock liners. Good luck!

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