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My DS is 14. He is very interested in becoming a professional dancer. We have limited resources in our state for training. He has gone outside (lower 48) for SI for the past 2 years and will be going to CPYB this year. He has one more year before high school, but I figure once he starts high school we will need to have him in a residency program. I know nothing about them. How do I find out about the various programs? What about the academics? (My son may be a good dancer, but he is not honor roll material). Do we need to find auditions? (There are no auditions for anything. even SI's in our state) HELP!

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Dawcett, Pre-Professional Schools/Residence Programs within Career and Dance Education contains several threads regarding residential programs such as UNCSA, SAB, Walnut Hill, Harid Conservatory, and others.

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And the General Discussion Forum in that section of the Board has a lot of helpful and ' food for thought' threads. I'd recommend a nice pot of coffee or tea and a comfy chair! Happy reading!! Feel free to add questions to the appropriate threads. : thumbsup:

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Oops! a non-parent wandered into the Parents Forum by mistake and a post was removed.


As a gentle reminder, please remember to allow members to choose how much personal information they wish to disclose in their posts. Sometimes it is just too easy to lose the anonymity that is often helpful to maintain here in cyberspace. :thumbsup:.

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Oops! That was probably me and didn't notice that my son had not signed out on our shared computer. Just wanted to say thanks or the helpful advice

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