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With spring performances looming, I thought I'd ask for advice and suggestions about what type of makeup my DD, age 14, should wear on stage. We tried drugstore stuff for Nutcracker, which did not hold up well under the demands of dancing.

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Both as a student and as a professional dancer, my daughter tried many different brands that she could afford. As a teen, she switched over to Sephora and especially MAC pretty quickly, but in recent years she's made another switch that she's really happy about: the bareMinerals brand of Bare Escentuals. She's found that this product line holds up very nicely under stage lights and perhaps even more importantly, it allows her skin to breathe and doesn't cause breakouts or rashes on her face. They claim they don't use preservatives or other chemicals, but just minerals.


She's been very pleased with this brand. Unfortunately, like MAC, it's not cheap, but her face has never looked better in daily life. After a few months of a product, her face has always reacted to makeup products by getting a little rash. She thinks this hasn't happened with bareMinerals because they don't have those chemicals in them. And she's never looked better on stage!

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Mac makes a stage line and there is another line called Mode Dion that is designed for stage which can be found at the following website.




The site also has how to's and tips under their "Make Up University."

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