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Books: Ballet Steps-practice to performance

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Hey guys, I am just giving sort of a review on the Book Ballet Steps: practice to performance!


This is an excellent instructional book for practicing and learning steps.


This book is my go to book for practice at home .It is expertly illustrated in a step by step manner. Showing most of the most popular steps and poses in Ballet ranging from the very basics to much more advanced steps. Along with the pictures it tells you allot about how to execute the steps and some Ballet History!


I recommend this book highly and think that it is very instructional and professionally put together I don't know where you can buy it but I check it out regularly at my Library!




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Blackswan, I love it that you are using the Library! :clapping: The book you are talking about is a small paperback, written by Antony Dufort in 1993. It is available on Amazon for $.60! Yes, that is sixty cents. Used copies, but they don't seem to have new ones. Go to the box below and type in Ballet Steps, and you will find it on page 2, the 20th book shown.

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Oh wow that cheap hmm I will have to look into buying it for 60 cents why not!


Thank you!

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It will cost more to ship it than to buy it! :wink: However, if you do order it, or anything else from Amazon, please get there through our Amazon link, below! Every little bit we get helps to support the site. :D

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Thanks for mentioning this book, just got my copy, it really is a great little book. I love the illustrations as well. And you're right, it's very cheap. Here in the UK I managed to get a copy for the grand price of 1 pence. I was after a book which gave brief definitions of the steps, etc., just to help me get use to the names, and at that price I thought, what the heck I'll have a look, and I'm glad I did. Just looking through the rest of the threads now.




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