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Constance Hardinge


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I've noticed that this woman had a lot of influence on the ballet world of Southwest VA and I would love to know more about her. Does anyone know of any biographies, or reading material?

I see that she founded Bristol Ballet and choreographed pieces for other now directors in the area.

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Ginnia, I fixed the title that had a typo, so people would get the name correctly. :)


Have you changed your email address? I have received some notifications sent to you that bounced back to Contact Us.

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Thanks, sorry I thought I spelled it the way I'd seen it...

Yes I did change my email, and I'm pretty sure I updated that on this website.

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Please send it to me via Contact Us or PM, so that I can check it. Thank you!

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I attended Virginia Intermont College and danced in the Constance Hartinge's program from 1974 to 1978.  I would very much like to hear her story completely.  Does anyone have reading materials about her?  Many thanks.

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