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Two Weeks and Counting

2 Left Feet

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Two weeks from today we'll all be in our "placement" class at Richmond. Yipee!!!!



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Guest Anders

It's unbelievable, isn't it, how time simply flies during the spring? My transatlantic flight takes off on Saturday (I'll be visiting friends in Boston, then spending a few days in NY to lose the jet lag, and after that... Here we go!


Anyway, this means that before Saturday, I have to:

1 clean my apartment

2 do laundry

3 make a packing list (big dilemma: I want to bring my inlines, but also want to travel light)

4 rummage through old shoe boxes and other archaic filing systems for addresses and contact details of acquaintances in the US

5 get enough sleep (don't want to leave a wreck)

6 get some sun (don't want to arrive looking like a corpse)

7 buy new technique shoes, tights and t-shirts, maybe a sweatshirt/jacket

8 make arrangements with my bank to ensure that funds are available (I know from experience to double any travel budget involving the US!)

9 meet all my friends to say good-bye for the summer - after the US, I'll be spending July in St. Petersburg and won't meet people until August.

10 keep chatting with you guys to stay pepped and build up the hype!


See y'all soon!



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Guest DancerLegs

And 2 weeks from today we'll be in technique class on our first full day! :D Have you started packing yet? I have to get busy with sewing ribbons and breaking in new pointes. See you all there! :o

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Guest Aurelie


How many pointe shoes are you bringing? I'm not sure how many I should pack. I sort of started packing but I keep having to take things out because I need them. lol I just baught a new pair of pointe shoes and I hate them. :mad: Oh well. I'll just hang them up on the wall with my broken shoes. Well I'm going to go take a nap.


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Guest DancerLegs


I think I'll bring 3 or 4 pairs. It looks like we can take pointe just about every day, and then for partnering if we want to. I'm not sure what level class to take, but I want to have softer, broken-in shoes for rolling through, and also some harder shoes in case I do pointe in partnering and have to stay up longer. It's hard to decide what to pack as a first-timer, isn't it? Maybe I need to get a bigger suitcase! :o I just hope the airport security people have seen pointes before - I'm scared they'll smash them or something, looking for suspicious stuff. My husband was just on a business trip and they made him take off his shoes and they bent them all around. What if they do that to our pointes? Yikes! The price of freedom, I guess. :D

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When packing, remember dance clothes don't dry too fast in a hotel room. So plan on extra clothes. Last year it was at least two days before I could wear something again. It took that long for things to line dry in the bathroom. :eek: But, there's always the helpful dance store nearby just in case.


By the way, Heidi and I have been talking about the possibility of hooking up my laptop at lunch every day so we can log onto Ballet Alert with updates. I'm bringing my digital camera so we can upload photos as well. I may even have my web site up and running by then. If so, we can put lots of pics there and let our respective partners access it to check up on us. Gotta love technology.

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Guest ragreens

The brochure says something about wanting

footless tights, but most of my feet have

tights...is this for the modern class?

Does anyone have any idea how many footless

tights we're likely to need. (I suppose there's

always scissors for easy conversion, but...)




PS I'm really looking forward to this, and meeting

you all. I've been doing this adult ballet for

a little over a year now and recently discovered

this board. :)

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Guest Aurelie

I just bringing convertable tights that way I can change them to whatever I need. I bringing more tights them I ever will need, it's a good thing they don't take up much room.


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Guest linsusanr

Ok, here's a random question for those of you Richmond veterans ... Did you have problems with biting bugs when going outside in the evening? I am very susceptible to mosquito bites and allergic, to boot. I'm just wondering whether I need to pack a ton of repellent along with my ton of dance stuff! Thanks!

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I don't recall this being a prolem last year. But we will be right next the the riverfront for a week. Might be best to be prepared. Should not be a problem during the day in classes.


I just remember it being very hot and very muggy last year. I checked the weather and it is really hot again this year -- 96 yesterday. Don't know about humidity. They had dehumidifiers working overtime last year. They actually made the place very comfortable.


A word of warning. I remember the hotel would always turn the thermometer way up in my room last year. I'd look forward to coming back to a nice cool room only to find it steaming. Took forever for it to cool back down again. Think I'll put a note right over the thermostat this time with a great big "LEAVE IT SET" on it. ;)

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I have just read through this thread and i am so jealous. I would love to be there. A little tip, When you want to wear something the next day and you have washed them, after wringing them out, put the items between two towels and stamp on the top towel. This removes the rest of the wetnness from the clothes and they dry a lot quicker. Hope you all have a lot of fun and dont ache to much at the end of it all.


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I'm a newbie on the site - and an adult returner after a 15 year gap! I have to say I am very jealous of all of you that are going to Richmond, and wish I was going too! However apart from money I don't think my poor body would cope after only being back in class 6 weeks!!


Have fun all of you, and I'm really looking forward to piccies :D !!



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Tracey, mebbe we can meet next year. I'm in the same shoes!


Jealousy can be very motivating ;)

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